25 Classic Rock Backpacks You’ll Want to Carry

People who love classic rock music have many ways of showcasing their love for their favorite bands and artists. Some have been keeping copies of albums, concert tickets, t-shirts, and posters. But aside from those things, you can now find many other things that you can use to express your love and support for your favorite classic rock bands and artists or for classic rock music itself, and one of those is by using classic rock inspired backpacks.

If you’re into classic rock, we are going to give you a list of 25 classic rock backpacks you’ll want to carry. These backpacks will help you showcase your fandom while helping you bring your things.

1. David Bowie Ziggy Stardust Backpack

This is an adorable pink bag that is inspired by David Bowie’s alter ego in the early 1970s, Ziggy Stardust. It is a durable backpack that has adjustable shoulder straps. It features convenient side pockets for water bottles. This bag has a lot of zip pockets to make organizing easier. It can carry your iPad, books, umbrella, wallet, and other things you always need to bring. The print of this bag does not fade and smell. This is a great school backpack for teenagers.

2. Rock Roll Skull Lightweight Packable Backpack, Casual

This is the perfect backpack for those who love rock and roll. It is a black backpack that is printed with a skeleton showing a rock and roll hand sign. It is a lightweight and water-resistant backpack. It has a double zipper-locked main pocket that is large enough to hold up your personal belongings, even a laptop. Aside from this, this rock and roll bag has two elastic mesh side pockets plus one front zip pocket enough to carry the other smaller gadgets you have. This is an excellent backpack for those who want to look casual. This can be used for school, shopping, travel, and work.

3. Rock and Roll Pink Gothic Skull Casual Zip Closure Backpack

This is a simple but fashionable backpack that is designed with a smiling skull with stunning flowers on the sides. Wearing this backpack truly reflect how you enjoy rock and roll. It is made of high-quality polyester and faux fur, so it is really lightweight. Also, it features adjustable padded shoulder straps to relieve back pressure and protect the shoulders. This bag is equipped with a double zipper closure main compartment, four inside pockets, and one inside zip-closed pocket. Also, it has two water bottle pockets for your utmost convenience. It is a great bag that you can use for school, mountaineering, shopping, outdoor sports, and more.

4. Evolution of a Rock Guitarist Classic Backpack

This backpack is designed with illustrations showing the evolution of a rock guitarist, making it the perfect bag for classic rock enthusiasts. It has a large capacity, and it can hold a 15.6-inch laptop together with other things like books, wallets, phones, and more. This bag is made of durable, polyester fabric. It has comfortable straps to prevent your back from aching when carrying it for a longer time. This backpack can be used for school, work, or trips as well.

5. The Rolling Stones Vintage Album Backpack

This is an excellent backpack for all the fans of The Rolling Stones. It is a classic backpack that has a 20-liter capacity. It features an external media or headphone port that will enable you to listen to music even when your gadget is inside the bag. It has a spacious front pocket where you can place smaller things such as cards and keys. Its inner compartment has a divider for a laptop, tablet, and books. It also has a secret zip compartment inside where you can put your valuables like money and phone. This is a great backpack for everyday use. You can give it to someone who likes The Rolling Stones as well.

6. Queen Classic Crest Backpack

If you’re a fan of Queen, then this is a must-have backpack for you. It is designed with the logo and name Queen. This bag is composed of 900 deniers reinforcing the lined fabric. Its straps are ultra-padded and fully adjustable, making it comfortable to carry. You can use this bag every day to take your things like laptops, tablets, books, clothes, and more. You can also give it to someone who’s also a fan of Queen.

7. The Who Target Two Classic Backpack

This classic rock backpack is designed with the logo of The Who, which is considered to an influential rock band in the 20th century. This bag also has a 20-liter capacity, and it can fit all your daily essentials like laptops and books. Its straps are padded and fully adjustable as well for your comfort. This is a very stylish back and fans of The Who will surely love it.

8. Bob Marley-inspired Unisex Bohemian Dufflebag College Rasta

This is an excellent daypack for Bob Marley fans out there. It is a simple rasta bag that is a perfect company when you go to school or even at the beach hanging out with your friends. It’s design is of course corresponds to the popular brand of Bob Marley-  green, yellow, red, and black color combination. You can carry in this bag your laptop, books, and other essential things with it as it’s fine-made to even exceed the typical quality standards. You can easily adjust its straps to make you feel comfortable when wearing or carrying it. This backpack is indeed a great gift idea for a solid Bob Marley fan!

9. Rock Sax Metallica Ride The Lightning Backpack

This is a stylish backpack that is designed based on Metallica’s Ride the Lightning album. It is lightweight and has a spacious main compartment and zip-up front pocket where you can keep and access your personal items easily.  It has fully padded easy-to-adjust back straps and has a durable grab handle for your convenience.  This bag is made of high-quality material and is fitting for school and work purposes. A perfect gift to make every Metallica fan relive the yesteryears.

10. Black Sabbath Rock Band Official Backpack

This classic rock backpack is designed with the name of Black Sabbath band, its logo, and several skeletons. It is a simple and lightweight backpack that has adjustable straps, one main compartment, and another mid-size pocket on top. Its main compartment has double-zipper closure, and it can fit a lot of things like an iPad, books, umbrella, and wallet. Meanwhile, its secondary compartment can accommodate other personal stuff that you want to get in no time. This backpack is perfect for school, travel, and daily use. This violet adorned with skeleton backpack is indeed a unique hit for all Sabbath die-hard fans out there.

11. Elton John Blak Backpack

This backpack is designed with a funny but cool drawing of Elton John while playing the piano. This bag is made of durable polyester fabric, and it has a large capacity. It is suitable for carrying heavy items such as laptops and books. It is a unique backpack for school and travel as well. It is an excellent backpack for all fans of Elton John.

12. KISS Classic Rock Backpack

This could be one of the proudest ways to stage your evergreen patronage of the rock band Pink.  You will like its design depicting the band at the peak of the hype during a live concert. You can really see the emotions going very high upon looking at the bag’s image design. It is a durable and lightweight backpack for kids so long as they want to show their admiration for this classic rock band. It has adjustable shoulder straps and side pockets to hold a water bottle and even a foldable umbrella. It is an excellent bag for those men, women, and mind you, even for kids who are fans of the band KISS!

13. Def Leppard Casual Backpack

This one is another cute pink backpack for women, and it is designed with the logo of the classic rock band, Def Leppard. It is light and made of silky nylon. This backpack is durable, and it has adjustable shoulder straps for comfort. You can use this back to carry your daily essentials such as tablets, phones, books, clothes, and more. It is a good-looking backpack for teenagers, and it can also be used for travel.

14. Bob Dylan Casual Backpack

This is a casual backpack for children that is printed with an artistic image of Bob Dylan. It is a small bag that can carry items such as notebooks, wallet, and other school necessities. It also features a top handle with adjustable padded shoulder straps for comfort. This is a high-quality and durable backpack that is suitable for kids’ use.

15. Led Zeppelin Classic Backpack

This is a stylish backpack that features the classic rock band, Led, as its design. The exterior of this backpack is made of soft polyester fabric, and it is lightweight and waterproof. This bag has a top handle for easy carrying and hanging, and as well as adjustable shoulder straps and ergonomic back cushion for extra comfort. This is a beautiful backpack to have, especially for the fans of Led Zeppelin.

16. Jimi Hendrix Casual Children’s Backpack

This kid’s casual backpack is printed with the image of Jimi Hendrix. If you’re a big fan of Jimi Hendrix, you can get this backpack for your kids. It is a high-quality and durable backpack that can be used for school. It has a top handle for easy carrying and hanging, and as well as an adjustable padded shoulder strap for comfort. This bag also has one zipped front pocket and one side pocket where you can keep smaller items like cards and keys. It is a stylish bag that kids can use.

17. Blondie Backpack

This is a stylish backpack that features a cool Blondie band art. It is designed with an artwork of Debbie Harry, the band’s vocalist, holding a microphone. This backpack is made of eco-friendly and lightweight polyester canvas. It as an adjustable shoulder strap and is back-padded as well for comfort and for protection when carrying laptops, tablets, and heavy loads. This is an excellent backpack that you can use for school, work, travel, and other activities.

18. The Rolling Stones Logo Fashion Backpack

If you’re a Rolling Stones fan and want a fashionable backpack option, this might be the perfect investment. It’s a high-quality backpack that you can use for school, college, or any event that’s casual enough for such bags. This bag will allow you to display your love for the band while still maintaining a sense of fashion and style. There’s nylon lining here, with a unique embroidery design to help you stand out in a crowd.

19. Queen Packable School Backpack

This unisex backpack is a useful purchase for any student who takes an interest in classic rock, especially when it comes to the legendary music of Queen. While there’s only one size, it’s one that’s large enough to hold whatever we need. We can safely keep a Kindle, iPad, books, a wallet, and other accessories inside the bag, while a water bottle can safely go in one of the outside pockets. The print pattern is resistant to fading and doesn’t smell. Plus, the material is an environmentally-friendly one, so this backpack is a responsible choice.

20. Motorhead Rock N’ Roll Classic Backpack

There might be debate over whether Motorhead’s genre is classic rock or if it has more of a punk/metal vibe. Either way, this backpack will be great for fans of the band. It will help them display their passion for these rock legends, while also getting a practical way to organize everyday items. There’s a large 20-liter capacity here, with a 900-denier reinforced lining. We even get an external media headphone port, with an ultra-padded construction and adjustable padded straps. The grab handle is durable polyurethane, while there’s an inner document divider suitable for laptops and tablets as well as books. For your more valuable stuff, the hidden zipped compartment will come in handy.

21. David Bowie Backpack

This unisex school bag features a picture of David Bowie in full color and with his signature rd lightening eye tattoo. The material here is a 600D plain oxford cloth, but there’s a sturdy and wear-resistant high-density jersey fabric too. Overall, fans of Bowie will find this to be a stylish, lightweight, and comfortable backpack. With the widened shoulder strap design, it will protect your shoulders and relieve pressure on your back as well.

22. Kiss Casual Nylon Packable School Backpack

Many youngsters are diehard fans of the classic rock band Kiss, so this backpack might be just what the need for a new school year. The art on the bag is fairly minimal, with the band logo and depictions of the members’ faces in white on a black background. The material is a high-quality, environmentally-friendly silky nylon, with the dimensions being around 11.8 x 5.5 x 15.5 inches. This assures us of a comfortable experience, especially as there are adjustable shoulder straps to manage the stress. Other than fulfilling a fan’s interest, this backpack is also a practical choice, with a no-fade and no-smell claim. The zip pockets make for easy organization, while the size means there’s enough space for an iPad, books, water bottle, and any other everyday necessities.

23. Janis Joplin Backpack

This plain polyester bag has a black-and-white image of Janis Joplin on the outside, making it an excellent addition to anyone’s classic rock memorabilia. There’s one main pocket here to carry the majority of our larger items. On each side, we have a mesh pocket for holding bottles, cups, and even umbrellas. You can use this bag as a small everyday travel tote or pack it up securely for a short trip.

24. Janis Joplin – The Middle Years 1964-1968 Backpack Campus School Bag

This is a casual backpack that you can take with you to college, the gym, or even when hiking. The price is quite reasonable, especially when we consider the adjustable shoulder belt, top handle belt, and the mesh pockets on either side for our necessities. The exterior features Janis Joplin, so fans of this artist will be pleased to have this backpack for all sorts of adventures.

25. The Rolling Stones Fashionable Backpack

This Rolling Stone backpack will make the perfect gift for any diehard fan of the band. It’s made of durable polyester, with a zinc alloy zipper head for easy operation. The design is a comfortable one, ensuring proper airflow. Even the padding is ventilated so that the bag doesn’t heat up while you’re wearing it. There are also open side pockets for cups and flasks, while the shoulder straps are designed for relieving stress on the shoulders and back. Since the fabric is crease-resistant, you don’t have to worry about the logo becoming wrinkled. Finally, the backpack has a sturdy, reinforced backpack so you can carry all your items with no risk.

These are the 25 classic rock backpacks that you’ll want to carry. Classic rock music and artists inspire all of these backpacks, and they all look cool and stylish. Aside from that, they can all help you carry your things every day.


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