Different Styles of Belts for Women

If there is one accessory that is often overlooked, yet can make or break your outfit, it is the belt! While the primary purpose of a belt is to keep your pants in place, it may also be used to boost your fashion quotient.

Woman in white tank top and blue denim jeans holding her belt

Why wear a belt?

Belts are typically used for aesthetic purposes, but they can also be essential for holding pants up. No one wishes to experience the embarrassment of their pants sliding down. When it comes to belts, numerous fashion trends are emerging. They have the ability to make or break an ensemble.

Belts can sometimes give a slimming effect or simply spruce up an outfit. Regardless of the reason for wearing a belt, there are numerous varieties of belts available for men and women. Furthermore, if your pants contain belt loops, you should often wear a belt. Otherwise, you are likely to look sloppy.

Belts have a lengthy history and are one of the oldest known articles of apparel. Almost every civilization has had a belt-like device since they began wearing clothing. There are references to belts as early as 3300 to 1200 B.C.E.

Belts of the past were typically made of leather, although they could also have been a simple cord or string looped around the waist. These belts helped people keep their pants on, but were also used to hang pouches and, eventually, for fashion purposes alone. People have been seeking for the ideal belt for millennia; you are not alone in this endeavor.

Types of Women’s Belts

1. Handmade Belt

Belts that have been hand-painted or embroidered are the latest trend. If you have a passion for haute-couture, invest in a handmade belt to get a distinctive style. This belt complements long dresses and pants wonderfully.

A female artisan making leather belt in leatherworking shop

2. Reversible Belt

Are you uncertain as to whether you desire a brown or black belt? Obtain both colors by purchasing a belt that is reversible. A reversible belt features a rotating buckle, allowing you to wear either side of the belt as the front.

3. Peplum Belt

If you wish to sport the peplum style, wear a peplum belt over your clothing. A peplum belt includes an additional ruffle that gives volume to the waist, making it an ideal accessory for tiny women.

4. Hip Belt

If you have ever appreciated the delicate motions of belly dancing, you would have noticed that the dancers wear an intricate adornment around their slim waists. It is a leather belt with elaborate embellishments that serves as a hip belt. Even if you have little expertise shaking your belly, you may look like a fashionista by wearing a hip belt.

5. Wide Belt

A wide belt put over your waist gives your clothing dimension. They are your saviors if you want to make a fashion statement with your attire. Invest in a timeless, broad belt in either neutral colors or standard black.

6. Slim Belt

Skinny rubber or leather belts are another version of traditional belts that feature a narrower strap and a smaller buckle. Similar to metal belts, they can hold your bottoms in place. You may simply match these items with tight slacks and skirts, as well as simple or printed dresses and flowy tops of various hues. Thin straps can have a slimming appearance, but they are not ideal for flowing forms of clothing. When worn with high-rise jeans or a straight dress, skinny belts look fantastic. This is suitable for daily use. It offers even the most modest ensembles a beautiful and completed look.

Slim girl in dress with slim belt 

7. T-Lock Belt

This classic style of belt is distinguished by its steel or copper buckle. It has a buckle with a T-shaped automatic lock, meaning the strap has no perforations. The strap may be constructed from leather, fabric, canvas, or rubber. It is the ideal belt for a casual appearance and pairs well with boyfriend jeans, shorts, skirts, and oversized tees.

8. Horse-bit Belt

The belt with a horse-bit copper or stainless steel buckle is ideal for wrap dresses, A-line dresses, and boot cut jeans for a cowboy aesthetic that isn’t too fancy. It is ideal for horseback riding, gatherings, and informal attire. Typically, the strap is made of pewter or leather.

9. Metal Belt

Metal belts are only decorative because they cannot hold your pants up. They are available in a variety of styles that can be secured with strap holes, a buckle, or chains. These belts are ideal for enhancing your long and short skirts, cocktail and long dresses, and gowns.

10. Lace-up Belt

Add a lace-up belt to your jumpsuits, rompers, and loose dresses for a nostalgic look. You have the option between two categories. One with a narrower width, ideal for women with larger waists, and the other with a broader width, ideal for those with smaller waists. Lace-up belts can be secured with drawstrings and eyelets.

11. Suspender Belts

Additionally, suspender-style belts have become gender-neutral, making them ideal for ladies who want to pull up their pants, skirts, and shorts without wearing anything around their waists or hips.

Black suspender belt in a white background

12. Elastic Belt

A stretch belt or elastic belt provides added comfort when wearing a women’s belt. There are buckle-free choices in addition to standard buckles, such as flat, non-protruding buckles. If you are looking for an environmentally friendly belt, there are even elastic belts constructed from recycled materials available.

13. Corset Belt

A corset belt typically laces up similarly to a conventional corset. However, there are also zipper, buckle, and hook closures. These belts may be worn with dresses or shirts and pants. Because it cinches the waist, these belts have a distinct slimming impact. These belts are available in leather, polyurethane, and fabric constructions. They can also be decorated or left unadorned.

14. Snap Belts

There are a variety of snap belts available for women. This word can refer to a belt with a detachable buckle, allowing you to interchange buckles when wearing different belts. Belts with a snap clasp, as opposed to a buckle, are another sort of snap belt.

These can connect similarly to a seat belt or similar item. The last style of snap belt snaps back on itself over the front belt loops. This means that there is no cumbersome buckle in the center of your jeans, allowing for greater mobility.

15. Dress Belt

When it comes to women’s belts, the term “dress belt” can have a variety of meanings. A dress belt, often known as a trouser belt, can be used with pants. Dress belts are available in a vast array of strap colors and designs, from classic leather to metallic slim belts to stretch belts with intricate diamond or rhinestone buckles.

Dresses also feature belts, which are used by women to offer an additional aspect. This procedure helps to emphasize curves, provide a slimming appearance, and add personality and appeal. A designer belt is typically chosen for a dress belt. Popular labels include Valentino Garavani, Isabel Marant, Fendi, Gucci, Salvatore Ferragamo, and Chanel.

To summarize

Belts are multifunctional accessories that the majority of people disregard because they are unaware of their capacity to complement an outfit and flatter or enhance the form. There are several sorts of belts for each event and ensemble. Belts can make or break your fashion statement, so make sure to choose wisely.


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