Famous Watches in Movies and TV

Movies and television shows are a form of art, and they can truly create a lasting impression on both individuals and the culture as a whole. It can be via their music, imagery, themes, or most enduringly, with their style. In fact, a lot of movies and television shows have influenced people in terms of fashion. But aside from the clothes, shoes, and bags that your favorite movie and TV show characters wore, then can also influence people with the accessories or gear they use.

After movie stars, the luxury items and fashion accessories of the characters are included in the most iconic aspects of films and television shows. And one of those accessories is watches. In fact, watches and films have a long-interconnected history. There are lots of different wristwatches that have appeared in many films and have established themselves as vital artifacts in the story of cinema.

If you are curious about what these wristwatches are, read on as we are giving you a list of the famous watches in movies and TV.

Movie: Skyfall

Famous Watch: Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M

James Bond originally appeared in movies wearing a Rolex, but he has actually sported timepieces from different brands or companies. Most recently, he wore a watch from one of Rolex’s chief competitors which is Omega. In fact, in Casino Royale, the change was even mentioned in a conversation between Bond and Vesper Lynd. From that time on, Craig’s Bon has only worn Omega watches. One of the most popular among those is the Seamaster Planet Ocean 600m 42mm. It is a striking and large watch. It is a great watch for the fresher, rougher around the edges 007.

Movie: Predator

Famous Watch: Seiko H558

In the first Predator film, Arnold Schwarzenegger wore the famous Seiko H558 dive watch. In fact, this watch was so intertwined with the film that people began calling the watch the “Arnie.” In the present time, it is still the term used in place of its numbered designation. But aside from this watch’s appearance, it is also popular as the first dive watch to feature a digital alarm chronograph in conjunction with an analog display. Today, this watch is fairly rare and kind of high in demand.

Movie: Men in Black

Famous Watch: Hamilton Ventura XXL

Hamilton is a popular brand due to its traditional style watches and chronographs. But they have an avant-garde watch that became famous when it was worn in the sci-fi film series Men in Black, which is the Ventura XXL. This watch has a unique arrowhead style case. It is a futuristic-looking watch, making it a perfect choice for the movie. In fact, there are several different models of this watch. However, this watch only has very little screen time. In the first entry, it appears like product placement and not a legitimate part of the characters’ uniforms or costumes.

Movie: Le Mans

Famous Watch: Heuer Monaco Chronograph

Heuer has been making waves in the world of wristwatches even before TAG bought a majority stake in the company. It is the company responsible for making the first automatic chronograph, and that very first watch was worn in the racing film Le Mans by Steve McQueen. This watch has a unique square shape, cobalt face, and red hands. It would be an important horological item even if it wasn’t worn by one of the greatest actors of all time. The best thing about this is that the company is still producing a version of this watch that you can buy brand new today. However, it is not a budget watch and will cost you several thousand if you plan on buying one.

Movie: Interstellar

Famous Watch: Hamilton Khaki Pilot Day Date

The time-traveling element in the movie Interstellar is heavily dependent on the functionality of an actual watch. This makes the watches that appear in the movie absolutely important in the resolution of the story. One of the watches in the movie, which was given to the daughter of Matthew McConaughey’s character, is an exclusive one. But the one he wears is a Hamilton Khaki Pilot Day Date. It is a current production model pilot watch that you can get from the brand. It is a good-looking watch that looks great, both with a linked metal band and a leather one.

Movie: American Psycho

Famous Watch: Rolex Datejust

American Psycho is a brutal and disturbing fictional novel, and the movie of the same name is also pretty unsettling. It was Christian Bale’s breakout movie. The violence and depravity are hard to swallow in the high-profile world of ‘80s New York business. Even when the movie is challenging, the main character’s fashion sense was never difficult to appreciate, especially with his choice in watches. Rolex agreed to allow their Datejust wristwatch in the movie, as long as Christian Bale’s character was never wearing it while committing any heinous acts. With that, the appearance of the watch in the movie was limited.

Movie: Back to the Future

Famous Watch: Casio CA53W Twincept Databank

The Casio CA53W Twincept Databank watch is one of the few iconic movie watches that can still be bought brand new today and will also cost you almost nothing to own. It is a popular watch that appeared in the movie Back to the Future. It was worn by Marty McFly before he takes his time-traveling trip. This watch is a great everyday item, and also a great accessory if you are looking into a 1980s fashion. In fact, if ever there was a polarizing timepiece, it is this digital calculator watch that is loved by retro fanboys.

Movie: Doctor Strange

Famous Watch: Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Ultra-Thin Perpetual

Marvel has a character that is a fan of Jaeger-LeCoultre watches, and that Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange. The watch is actually appropriate when you consider that the character is a wizard that has the ability to control time. This is a gorgeous moonphase watch that is still being produced today in different styles. It was first seen in the movie slowly rotating way in Dr. Stephen Strange’s watch winder. But it also appears like marketing material. It is certainly one of the best and most appropriate for its character.

Movie: Ghostbusters

Famous Watch: Seiko M516 Voice Note

Like the famous calculator watch of Marty McFly, the Seiko M516 Voice Note, which was worn by the Ghostbusters, is a big deal for movie buffs. It is used in the movie for its ability to record audio, which is a common ghost hunting trick. It is a bizarre but now retro digital watch, which is kind of impossible to find brand new. In fact, most listings of this watch that you’d find today are in a condition only suitable for repair or parts. If you are a big fan of the movie, and you found one in working condition, be ready to pay a lot for it.

Movie: Apocalypse Now

Famous Watch: Seiko 6105

The Seiko 6105 is widely considered as the definitive Seiko dive watch. It has a lot of real-world history, which made it Captain Willard’s watch of choice in the movie Apocalypse Now. In fact, this watch was very popular during the Vietnam War among US servicemen due to its durability and style. This watch was the obvious choice for the character in the movie, and an example of how important the little details can be to the lasting power of a film. Today, it’s difficult to find an original Seiko 6105, but the company recently recreated it with a modern movement, which is the Seiko SRP777K1.

These are some of the most famous watches in movies and TV. If you have the chance and the budget to purchase one of these watches, which among these iconic watches would you like to own?


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