Know Your Bucket Hats

Fashion is going back to the fabulous ’80s. And we’re bowing to the popular bucket hats! It’s time to figure out how to wear the bucket hat without looking dated.

Get your hands on this fashion accessory. It will assist you in making the best style statement. Scroll down for some bucket hat styling ideas that are easy, simple, and one-of-a-kind. Continue reading to learn how to flaunt it!

What Is a Bucket Hat?

A bucket hat is a casual hat style available in designs for both men and women. It is usually made of canvas, cotton, or nylon and is worn during summer. Its design is ideal for protecting the face, head, and neck from sunburn.

The crown of a basic bucket hat measures 3.5 to 5 inches (around 9 to 13 cm), and the brim measures 2 inches (around 5 cm). Of course, the dimensions differ from one manufacturer to the next, but the overall shape remains consistent. Warm weather versions frequently have two or more grommets in the crown to allow ventilation.

A bucket hat is typically made of washable, breathable material because it is a casual hat frequently worn during outdoor activities. Cotton is the most popular fabric, but designers occasionally use other fabrics.

Trim around the crown or brim, accents on one corner of the hat, or patterned materials are examples of embellishments. These can be attached to any of the bucket hat variations. Men’s bucket hats typically have fewer adornments than women’s.

The Bucket Hat’s Origins


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The bucket hat was first made in the early 1900s as a strictly functional item worn by Irish fishermen and farmers as rain protection, thanks to its wide downward-slanting brim. It was also appealing because it could be folded to fit inside a pocket. A few decades later, during the 1940s and the Vietnam War, from the 1950s to the 1970s, they used a standard-issue style made of olive drab cotton fabric to protect troops’ necks.

But it wasn’t until the 1960s, at the height of the mod movement, that the bucket hat evolved from a functional to a fashionable item, with styles that forgone traditional tweed or cotton for stiff fabrics or felt that captured the spirit of the era.

In the 1980s, the hip-hop community saw enormous potential in bucket hats, with several embracing the style in music videos and on album covers. Buckets, however, did not achieve the same level of mainstream appeal as other types of headwear such as beanies, beret hats, fedora hats, or Greek fishermen hats.

Bucket hats were mocked and dismissed by the fashion elite after the 1990s, though Miuccia Prada made a strong attempt to bring them back on the Spring/Summer 2005 runway with slimmed-down bucket hats done in allover sparkles and peacock feathers. A decade later, Rihanna’s BFF Melissa Forde launched M$$ X WT, a bucket hat line for the Opening Ceremony.

Even so, the bucket hat’s popularity didn’t take off until this season, when a flood of designers—indeed, an overwhelming flood—decided that the controversial look was in for Spring/Summer 2018. But it was Karl Lagerfeld who returned it to its functional roots at Chanel, rain-proofing it with see-through plastic.

Different Ways to Wear a Bucket Hat

Having Curly Hair

If you think a bucket hat is only for wavies or folks with poking straight hair, you are happily mistaken. A pastel-colored bucket hat looks great with curls.

Having Long Hair

a woman with long brown hair wearing a white top and a bucket hat closing her eyes while standing against the sunlight on the street

Long hair is best for wearing hats. Leave your long tresses free, or make loose braids or a messy bun. Nothing can stop you from rocking the bucket hat with your long hair, so get your favorite textured or printed bucket hat and get ready to party.

Bucket hats come in various fabrics, including denim, tie-dye, and color-blocked denim, along with skinned snake leathers, pastels, crochets, and blacks. Nothing can hinder you from stealing the show wherever you go if you choose a season, a dress, and a bucket hat.

How to Style Bucket Hats

With Leather

Wearing leather, such as a jacket and bottoms, can be transformed into a trailblazer look, topped off with a snakeskin or cheetah-print bucket hat. Combine it with sleek boots, washed jeans, and a pair of classic black sunglasses.

With Loungewear

Loungewear is the town’s new streetwear and has snuck out of your bedrooms, rocking street fashion like never before. Yes, you’re thinking correctly. You can effortlessly pull off a fashionable look by wearing your favorite loungewear with a bucket hat and lazy, messy braids.

With Bathing Suits

Bucket hats are an excellent way to add a splash of color to your bathing robes or beachwear. So, if you’re swimming or lounging on the beach, get a sand-colored bucket hat. It adds to your style, protects you from the sun, and is portable.

With Knitted Wear

Wide-leg denim bottoms topped with oversized knits or a knitted dress with puffed long sleeves are ideal for winter. Put on a bucket hat, and you’ll be surprised at how stylish you look. This look makes a statement and defines how comfort and style coexist.

With Summer Florals

Originally, bucket hats were designed to keep the sun out of the eyes and face. So, use them correctly. After all, summer is more than just the weather.

Wear an overdressed summer dress with floral prints or specks of bright colors and a bucket hat. It will elevate your summer look to fresh, chic, and casual.

With Oversized Tops or Biker Shorts


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Mamma mia! Biker shorts and oversized sweatshirts layered with a bucket hat and a casual soft blazer.  This look is a joy to master.

The comfortable, casual look is so appealing that you’ll want to wear it all day. Try it soon, and you’ll realize that running errands has never looked so easy.

With Layered Clothing

If you think layered clothing is too much to handle, think again. A bucket hat will help to make your layered look more classy and appealing. Whether wearing tank tops, multiple overcoats, or hoodies, a bucket hat can finish your look and add finesse.

With Skirts

A bucket hat looks great with short skirts as well. Wear a turtleneck sweater, knee-length boots, your favorite skater skirt, and a classy bucket hat.

Make two simple braids or a bun in your hair. Or leave your tresses blowing in the wind. Nobody can walk by without looking up in awe.

Bucket hats are appropriate for all moods, seasons, and clothing. The 80s are back, and you should take advantage of it. This classic piece of headwear is around to stay. Get out of bed and style it as you’ve never done before!


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