Know Your Deerstalkers

The key to formula warm is to protect all of your skin. Rather than layering a vest, sweater, and jacket but leaving all of it bare from the shoulders up, target even coverage from head to toe.

Hats not only add to your comfort in cold temperatures and protect your ears and face from frostbite, but they can also integrate a lot of handsome style to your image when you’re out and about.

Hats come in various styles, and this article will introduce you to the deerstalker hat.

What Is a Deerstalker Hat?

Just call it The Mysterious Hat Case. Even if you’ve never heard of deerstalker hats, chances are you’ve seen them at least once. It is the peculiar cap that Sherlock Holmes has traditionally worn on his head.

Because of its front and back bills, the deerstalker cap is also recognized as a “fore-and-aft” cap. Because it resembles the British hat soldiers wore during the Crimean War, the Balaclava helmet’s basic design, this headgear, is also known as a “tweed helmet.”

It is sometimes referred to as a headcoat because of the band Thee Headcoats, who, together with their fans, got into the habit of wearing the cap. The Spanish montero cap was worn from the 17th century to the 19th century.

Unexpectedly, the fashionable hat was never explicitly mentioned by title in any of the Holmes books. Still, the artist who brought the storied detective’s vision to life used it to depict a visual of someone particularly distinct and trustworthy. The result was both beautiful and long-lasting.

Given its connection to Mr. Holmes, it’s no shock that deerstalker hats are often sold as a “Sherlock hat” rather than by their proper name. It has a distinct and recognizable appearance, with a low brim facing downward.

The hat comprises six to eight triangle-shaped panels rounded and sewn together to form a puckered finish at the top. It also possesses a rear visor, which, like the front brim, is stiffened by an inner layer of canvas or cardboard.

It’s no mystery that the deerstalker has earflaps because it’s designed to keep you warm. It comes in various neutral colors and classic patterns like houndstooth and plaid. They are mostly made of heavy or lightweight wool fabric; many are even treated with Teflon to avoid damage from rain or snow.

The Origins of Deerstalkers

The deerstalker was a type of hat popular among deer hunters and other outdoor enthusiasts in 19th century England. The deerstalker was especially popular between 1870 and 1890 when sportswear became a more significant feature of men’s clothing. The cap was frequently worn with knickerbockers and Norfolk jackets, short, loose-fitting pants gathered at the knee, and was regarded as an essential component of the Victorian hunting ensemble.

The deerstalker, also known as a “fore and aft,” was distinguished by its back and front visors. Large earflaps on the outside could be tied on top or left to conceal the ears for warmth. The hat was made of checked material; usually sportsman’s cloth or tweed, and the crown was reversible and lined with scarlet poplin.

The deer-stalker cap is generally linked with British writer Arthur Conan Doyle’s (1859-1930) fictional detective Sherlock Holmes. Big props to illustrator Sidney Paget (1860-1908); it became a well-known symbol of Holmes. Although Doyle never mentioned his character Sherlock Holmes wearing a deerstalker, Paget depicted the cap on Holmes’s head across several stories, possibly because he wore one himself.

Paget’s drawings have been used as a model by actors playing Sherlock Holmes on screen and on stage. Holden Caulfield, the main character of author J. D. Salinger’s (1919-) famous novel The Catcher in the Rye, was another popular fictional deerstalker wearer (1951).

How to Style Deerstalkers


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Is it necessary to be a detective to sport this cool men’s hat? Don’t worry; you can put away the magnifying glass.

The style has a practicality that makes it perfectly suitable in some situations. Of course, you wouldn’t want to wear it to a football game or on the train, but there are many occasions when a deerstalker hat would be appropriate.

The deerstalker hat is, frankly, most commonly seen in rural settings. It isn’t quite a city dweller’s hat, but an adventurous man would probably try – and succeed – in pulling it off.

Otherwise, the deerstalker hat is a top pick of deer hunters who want something comfortable, warm, and suitable for various weather conditions. It was especially well-liked in the English countryside.

You don’t have to wear a pipe in your mouth or stroll around in a trench coat to pull off this fashionable hat for men. It’s because it’s fashionable, and if you know how to dress it up, it deserves to be in the spotlight. Try it on a rainy evening to keep your hair in place without damaging it.

Some styles are designed with a deep opening to ensure that every strand stays in place, whereas others are cut closer to the scalp. The deerstalker’s beauty is usually lined with satin, a silky, soft material that won’t interfere with your style. You could even rock it while shoveling the driveway or going for an early morning walk on a snowy day.

Is it a little out of the ordinary? Sure, but it’s not entirely out of the question, especially for anyone who loves a men’s winter dress hat with a dash of unpredictability.

The gorgeous fabric and polished finish suggest a dressy occasion, but it’s casual enough to wear when you want to warm up a little. And what’s the harm in taking some fashion cues from one of history’s greatest fictional book characters?

On that remark, it should be mentioned that this is a look commonly associated with fashionable men’s hats. However, an adventurous woman who isn’t afraid to push the boundaries and step outside their comfort zone could pull off a deerstalker hat with grace and panache.

a woman with her back at the camera wearing a deerstalker and looking at trees

Only by trying it on will you know if it will fit into your wardrobe. Whether you live in the country or the city, you can effortlessly give it a try on a day when the weather permits.

Whether you’re a deerstalker or not, you can easily incorporate this unique fashionable hat into your wardrobe with newsboys and flat caps. Don’t be scared to wear it outside of your comfort zone; this is one hat that requires a little grit.


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