Know Your Santa Hats

The Santa hat is a traditional hat commonly worn at Christmas parties. It creates a festive atmosphere at parties. As a result, purchasing a hat or giving one to a loved one is a great idea.

Without further ado, let’s learn more about this type of hat and select a high-quality one before Christmas. Merry Christmas!

What Is a Santa Hat?

Every Christmas, you’ll see folks wearing red pointed hats with white ribbons at the bottom and, often, a white ball at the top, also known as Santa’s Hat. A Santa Hat is a floppy pointed red hat with a jingle bell or pompom traditionally associated with Christmas.

Santa’s hat is mostly white and red, which are traditional Christmas colors. A conical hat in this color scheme evokes the chubby, comforting, bubbly, and snuggly face of St. Nicholas, the forefather of modern-day Santa Claus.

A Santa Hat was traditionally made of faux fur or velvet. However, because people are becoming more creative with their designs, you can now find ones made of felt, flannel, and fleece. The fabrics used are intended to cater to the individual tastes of various wearers.

The Origins of Santa Hats

The Santa Hat as we know it dates from the 18th century. The Santa ideal is still largely based on Victorian ideals of Santa, even though the actual story of Santa is as old as the Bishop himself.

Santa is meant to be a grandfather figure, so he’s dressed in clothing associated with Victorian grandfathers – that old-style (eighteenth century and very early nineteenth century) nightcap with an older-style suit. A men’s nightcap is the inspiration for the traditional Santa hat.

The term “nightcap” does not imply that it was only worn while sleeping; both women and men wore them inside their homes. Like pajama bottoms, you wouldn’t necessarily wear them outside of the house. 

On the other hand, Santa gets a pass because every household is his home. People prepare a meal for him, consisting of milk and cookies, and he is free to roam from house to house as if everything is his.

Best Santa Hats for Christmas


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We discovered a few diamonds among the coal lumps. Here are our top picks for Santa hats for every personality and budget.

Originals by Eva

These handcrafted Santa hats are the most luxurious and customizable. There are many colors, faux furs, sizes, fabrics, and trims to choose from.

These magnificent toppers cost four times the price of many store-bought Santa hats. However, they have a feel of ten times the quality and are made to wear for many years.

HoHo Hats Classic Santa Hat

This ornate, reversible, and obscenely plush custom Santa hat is made of genuine lambskin. It’s ideal for people who like to be the center of attention and want to stand out in a crowd during the holidays.

A HoHo Hats custom creation may be worth the splurge if you’re looking for a statement-piece, over-the-top Santa hat—one that’s more lavish than the fancy hats worn by Hollywood film Santas—and you don’t mind spending a little more. These stunning statement pieces are available in various fabrics, colors, and trims and are trimmed with real lambskin.

A HoHo Hats Santa hat is best for people with big personalities, big heads, and/or big hair because its intense splendor can easily overwhelm them. You’re in luck if you can’t decide what color you want. These Santa hats are reversible, so you get two hats for the price of one.

LessMo Snowflake Pattern Velvet Santa Hat

This is by far the best store-bought Santa hat, perfectly slouchy and soft and featuring a gorgeous snowflake pattern. The LessMo hat, typically available for less than $5 per hat, is soft and slouchy, just like an excellent Santa hat should be. It has a perfectly puffy pompon, a lovely snowflake design embossed into high-quality velvet, and a generous, fluffy cuff (which you can adjust to fit adults and kids).

How to Make a Christmas Hat

a happy woman with curly hair trying to wear a Santa hat on her head isolated over a yellow color background

Making your Santa hat is simple, and the quality will be far superior to that of the dollar store. The most traditional hats are made of faux fur or velvet, but you can use paper to make simpler ones. You can also construct a headband with a mini Santa hat.

Sewing a Fabric Hat

  1. Divide the circumference of your head by two.
  2. Draw a triangle based on the new measurement on a piece of paper.
  3. Trace a curve along the triangle’s bottom edge.
  4. Cut out the newly drawn pattern and trace it onto a folded piece of fabric.
  5. Make a 12 in (1.3 cm) seam allowance when cutting out the pattern.
  6. Sew the edge with a straight stitch and 12 in (1.3 cm) seam allowance.
  7. Trim with a strip of white faux fur.
  8. Sew the fur ends with a 12-inch (1.3 cm) seam and a straight stitch.
  9. Sew the trim in place around the bottom of the hat.
  10. Fold and sew the rough edge of the fur trim into the hat.
  11. Glue or sew a pompom to the tip.
  12. Make a fur pompom for a more formal hat.

How to Make a Paper Hat

  1. Draw a semicircle 20-in (51 cm) wide on red paper.
  2. Using scissors, cut out the semicircle.
  3. Make a cone by overlapping the straight edges of the semicircle.
  4. Close the hat with a staple or glue.
  5. Stick cotton balls around the hat’s bottom edge.
  6. To the top of the hat, glue a white pompom or a white cotton ball.

Making a Miniature Headband Hat


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  1. Cut a semicircle from a sheet of red felt.
  2. Make a cone by overlapping the straight edges of the semicircle.
  3. Hot glue the seams together.
  4. Trace the cone’s base onto red felt and cut out the circle.
  5. For the headband, cut two slits in the red felt circle.
  6. Attach the circle to the cone’s bottom.
  7. Cut a small strip of white faux fur for your hat’s brim.
  8. Glue the fur strip to the cone’s bottom edge.
  9. Attach a pompom to the hat’s top.
  10. Through the slits, slip the hat onto a headband.
  11. Finished!

Santa’s hat is a piece of what distinguishes him as the face of Christmas. When you see this distinctive cap, you immediately think of Christmas. So, why not try making one using the steps outlined above? Please let us know how it goes.


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