Most Popular Celebrity Hairstyles of the 2000s

Celebrity beauty looks dominated the trends in the ’00s, as they have done in the past. However, there were plenty of celebrity hairstyles that everyone wanted in the 2000s, aside from the icy makeup and temporary tattoos that we could all see were going nowhere. These were the hairstyles that we all admired at the turn of the century, from punk faux-hawks to pin-straight locks.

Looking back, some of these cuts are terrible, while others are still quite stunning. Back in the day, however, people coveted each one.

People referred to these haircuts and styles when they sat in the salon chair or when they appeared in our favorite magazines under headlines like “New Hair, New You.” While some of these styles are cringe-worthy now, there’s no disputing that they all contributed to the general trend landscape of the ’00s.

Here are the celebrity haircuts you wanted throughout the 2000s (check out the popular makeup trends from this decade too!), from Jennifer Aniston’s iconic layers to Pink’s pompadour. If you see one of your past looks on here, don’t be embarrassed; we’ve all wanted to rock at least one of them!


Who better to start this list than you? Pink herself, perhaps? Pink had several notable hairstyles in the 2000s, but her cropped, voluminous faux-hawk has to be one of the most enduring. She was the first to rock the short hairstyle, which quickly became fashionable.

Bold, Colorful Streaks

Everyone from Christina Aguilera to Avril Lavigne used strong streaks of pink or red or other bright hues in their otherwise-blonde locks in the early aughts. Take, for example, Aguilera’s music video for “Dirrty,” in which she wore deep black and vivid crimson streaks in her platinum hair in an apparent attempt to disassociate herself from her debut album’s good-girl image.

Jessica Simpson also trimmed her long hair into a lovely bob and added some major red highlights to appear edgier following her initially super-sweet debut. Avril Lavigne, the Pop Punk Princess, went a step further by only applying her vivid pink streaks on one side of her long, blonde hair, producing an eye-catching asymmetrical style. Kelly Rowland of Destiny’s Child also joined the trend, adding bright red streaks to her stunning brown hair for a striking style.

Logo Blonde Bob

Lil’ Kim has always been and will continue to be a trailblazer. The beauty chameleon was famous for her bobs, which varied in length, color, and design. The Queen Bee’s blonde bob with the Versace emblem is a classic.

The Twisted Updo

In the 2000s, Tia and Tamera became the hair models for many young women. One of our favorites is Tamera’s twisted updo from the 2000 Soul Train Music Awards, which included the very on-trend spiky sprays of hair.

Wavy Bangs


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Britney Spears was without a doubt a #hairgoals goddess before she shaved her head in 2007. Her golden tresses were often dressed in delicate and feminine ways, as seen in this photo from 2001. Who are we kidding, right? Britney, you’ll always be a hair diva to us!

Neon Hair

Some celebrities only went half-hearted when dyeing their hair bright, vivid colors by adding streaks, while others went all-in. Consider Gwen Stefani, who wore her hair in a vivid pink haircut for much of the early 2000s. She was so dedicated to the hue that she wore a custom-made gown with neon pink at the bottom when she married former husband and Bush vocalist Gavin Rossdale in 2002.

Pink, who had blonde hair with pink streaks when we first met her, wandered away from her namesake and went electric blue for a spell around the same time. Of course, attempting these trends with boxed dye in our parents’ bathroom basins didn’t quite turn out as well, but who could blame us for trying?

Pink Kangoo Hat with Pink Bandana

Missy Elliott is to blame for our Kangol hat infatuation in the 2000s. Her Under Construction album, released in 2002, reintroduced a new generation to 80s fashion, which included Adidas tracksuits and matching Kangol hats.

Fire Red Pixie

Eve debuted on the music scene in the 1990s as a short blonde pixie. In the 2000s, though, she turned up the heat with a red-hot pixie. If you want to test this vibrant hue, hair paint wax is a great way to do it without making a long-term commitment.

Fulani Braids

Who can forget Alicia Keys’ beaded braids under a green bonnet on the album cover for Songs in A Minor in 2001? Her beauty signature became Fulani braids, and her talent inspired us all.

Asymmetrical Bob

Rihanna with an asymmetrical bob performing during Good Girl Gone Bad Tour in Brisbane, 2008

When Rihanna debuted her album Good Girl Gone Bad with a fresh hairstyle and attitude, the world took notice. Rihanna’s jet black bob, created by famous stylist Ursula Stephen, instantly made her a beauty icon.

Fringed Shag

Courtney Love wore a cropped shaggy look that was the right mix of glitter and grunge at the 2000 Golden Globes.

Cropped Curls

Whether you liked or disliked Felicity’s drastic hair transformation in season two of the hit WB television program (Keri Russell even received death threats), her highlighted cut curls made a big impression and highlighted Russell’s stunning features.

Bejeweled Bandana

If we polled Jennifer Lopez’s most cherished red carpet outfits, we think her look from the MTV VMAs would come out on top—which is saying a lot considering how many legendary moments she’s had.

Two-Toned Cornrows

Beyoncé’s braids usually put us in a good mood. Her highlighted cornrows are still one of the most popular hairstyles for protection.

Long Layers


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Jennifer Aniston’s tresses very much defined the whole 10-year run of Friends. Her layered locks are an obvious inclusion for this list for that reason alone.

The Chunky Red Pixie

Kelly Rowland has always dabbled in different colors and lengths. Remember her Say My Name video, where she wore a blue highlighted pixie? The red highlighted pixie she wore flipped up and in a bob with a bang was another of her most unforgettable looks.

Middle Part with Flipped Up Ends

In our opinion, Gabrielle Union’s middle-parted flipped hairdo is still in style, and it’s beginning to resurface among individuals who are leaning into some of the popular trends of the 2000s. All you’ll require is a flat iron to nudge your ends upward to achieve this appearance.

Random Crimping

If crimped hair conjures up visions of the 1980s, let us remind you that crimping made a comeback in the 2000s, but only in the form of completely random fashion, rather than the entire head of hair. A short Google image search of celebrities from the 2000s or a screening of the first Charlie’s Angels film, when Drew Barrymore wore this exact haircut, is all it takes to remember how popular this bizarre trend was. It worked like this: you alternated curling and crimping your hair with a curling iron and a crimping tool, resulting in edgy, piecey, yet incredibly attractive and feminine results.

Everyone from Britney Spears to Hillary Duff wore it, and while it was time-consuming to recreate, we’re sure if you were the correct age, you tried it out while getting ready for a dance or presented a photo of it to your hairstylist before a big event like prom.

Messy Waves

Sarah Jessica Parker’s disheveled ‘do is undone and put together simultaneously. While this style is from the late 2000s, we believe it will be fashionable for many years to come.

Blunt Bangs

Naomi Campbell walking the runway at the Diane von Fürstenberg Spring-Summer show

Naomi Campbell could pull off any hairdo, but her 2000s blunt bangs were particularly stunning. Although this style is from the previous decade, we believe it will survive the test of time.

Curly Bangs

Beyonce’s hair is typically bold, and this curly banging style is no exception. Back then, this was absolutely a go-to.

Medium Layers

Anne Hathaway’s black tresses were styled in medium-length messy waves and looked stunning. Many individuals were inspired by Hathaway’s hair at the time and went to get their hair done. Isn’t it giving off-duty The Devil Wears Prada?

Permed Layers

Perms aren’t just for the 1980s anymore. Jessica Simpson revived the trend in the early 2000s, bringing back tight curls and big hair.

The 1960s-Inspired hairstyle

Yes, Gwen Stefani’s big bangs and medium-length crop are influenced by the 1960s. But that doesn’t dismiss the possibility that this appearance became popular in the 2000s. Stefani’s style has always been bold and varied, and her fondness for vintage looks is well-known.

Choppy Bob


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If there’s one hairstyle from the 2000s that stands out, it’s this one. Winona, we’re sorry, but your jagged, feathery bob is simply out of style. But, hey, that was fashionable at the time!

Streaked Bob

Rihanna wore her hair in a short, angular bob with platinum streaks throughout her “Umbrella” days. Without a doubt, she was a significant influence on the popularity of short hair in the mid-to-late 2000s.

Wispy Bangs

The wispy bang, which Natalie Portman wore in 2004 and looked adorable, was another popular bangs style. These wispy bangs were popular among millennials, though we don’t believe they’d be as lovely today.

Chunky Highlights

While the modernized version of chunky highlights is all the rage (thank you, Dua Lipa), the version from the 2000s was a touch different.

Subtle isn’t a word you’d use to characterize hefty highlights in the 2000s, from two-toned stripes to colorful streaks. They were among the most popular hair color trends at the time, and YES, we all pretended to be Kelly Clarkson.

Beachy Lob

The lob was huge when stars like Mischa Barton sported the look with beachy waves in the early to mid-2000s. The cut is simple to maintain while also allowing for style options. But what more could you want?

Shoulder-Length Cut

Heidi Klum at The Heart Truth Fashion Show

Heidi Klum is so beautiful that she could let her hair down and still look wonderful. That said, she always had great hairstyles, such as this long, angular bob. It’s stylish, but it’s also incredibly glam. Heidi, you’re a hair expert.

Bleach Blonde

Because Eminem’s distinctive hairdo of the time, super-short and bleach blonde, was catching on everywhere, it was difficult to identify “The Real Slim Shady” from all the males that looked exactly like him during 2000. If you recall the 2000 VMAs, you undoubtedly saw the ideal example of this as Eminem marched down the aisle of the theater while playing “The Real Slim Shady” while surrounded by an army of males dressed exactly like him with the same bleach blonde hairstyle. 

If you were in school at the time, your cafeteria probably looked a lot like that performance: full of Slim Shady wanna-be.

The Half-Updo

The half-updo provided a plethora of possibilities. Do you have any butterfly clips? Go ahead and do it. Tendrils? There’s nothing else to say. This hairstyle could easily coexist with many other popular trends from the decade, as there were so many variations.

But one thing was certain: we were always dressed identically to Lizzie McGuire.

Stiff Headbands

These rigid headbands brought their wearers severe headaches from the start. Headbands that were hard, shiny, and non-flexible, and felt like they were crushing your skull, were simply too appealing to pass up. And the greater the size, the better.

The uncomfy headbands of the noughties era were usually made of highly fancy material that would normally be found on a piece of clothing and were worn pushed back. Denim, suede, and patent leather come to mind.

It has cool-girl air to it.

Butterfly Clips

At some point, every girl wore at least two thousand of these on her head. Because neatly spaced out butterfly clips were the height of fashion and the greatest way to complete a twisted ‘do.

Butterfly hair clips were popularized by Sarah Michelle Gellar, Kirsten Dunst, and Britney Spears and were worn by the most fashionable of teenagers.

The only disadvantage? The pain of bumping your head was excruciating.

The Long, Straight Locks


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You knew you were wearing Avril’s long pin-straight hair if you were wearing baggy cargo trousers and bright studded belts.

While not all of these haircuts are something we’d request now, they were all the rage in the 2000s. And who knows, they might re-establish their popularity. Trends, as they say, always come back in vogue!

After the 2000s come the 2010s, so here are the most popular celebrity hairstyles of the 2010s for your next read!


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