Tips for Picking Belts If Your Overweight

Do you ever consider using a belt to alter your appearance? Obviously, belts are useful for keeping garments in place, but they’re much better when used as a fashion accent.

Adding a belt that you adore will assist highlight your curves and take your style from six to 10 with a few simple adjustments!

A woman  wearing sweater, shirt, belt and pants

Tips for Women

1. Do not tighten your belt excessively.

A belt that is excessively tight might cause all of our soft, squishy parts to bulge out above and below it. Because you prefer to have complete control over how snug a belt is, you should avoid stretch belts.

2. Personalize your belts.

Larger women nearly invariably have substantially larger hips than waists, with even the high hip measurement being greater. And the majority of us do not have the funds or storage space for an abundance of belts. What should a curvaceous girl do?

Purchase one of these handy leather punches. Then, get a belt to fit the main area you’ll be using it, likely your pants, and add holes to allow you to snug clothing around your smaller waist.

Get the essentials, black and brown. Add an animal pattern belt, as they are neutral. Then, select some unique metallic and brightly colored items.

3. Look for a belt made of full grain leather.

The leather is the most crucial aspect of any belt. The belt strap should be thick enough to withstand abuse without being so rigid that it is uncomfortable to wear. Full-grain leather is the greatest material for creating a durable belt for large men. Our belts are crafted from a single thick piece of premium full-grain leather. It will never break or crack like a less expensive strap could. The material is durable enough to support the weight of a holster or other equipment, but flexible enough to be pleasant from the first wear.

4. Belt buckles with strong locking.

The larger the stomach, the greater the need for a secure belt buckle to keep the belt on. Our belt buckles are the most stylish way to keep your pants up. They are made of solid metal and secured with powerful magnets for a secure lock.

Best Belt Position for a Curvy Woman 

Tunics, sheaths, and swing dresses may appear breezy and effortless, especially on thin women, but a full-figured woman can achieve a smaller silhouette by belting them. It will also help someone with a straight body generate a shape.

If you’re belting anything other than pants, you should place the belt high on your waist at or near the narrowest part of your torso. This indicates that the belt will likely rest above your navel.

Currently, the area around the navel resembles a donut due to a hernia above it. While the belt lies at the most appealing curvature of the waist, cinching the area above the hernia bulge generates a small fabric gather that helps to conceal the protrusion.

Handmade macramé dress belt  worn on a white dress

Best Belt Width for a Woman with Curves

Larger women should choose a wider belt and then the exact reverse. It also has some relation to the size of your torso. If you have a short waist, you should stand tall and sit low. It implies that there is a great deal of space above the pelvis, therefore wide belts will not always work. Take a moderate approach to belt size. A one-inch-wide belt is excellent, however bigger belts may be preferable in particular circumstances and placement. A belt with a narrower width would also work, but if you’re unsure, take a photo of yourself in the mirror with each belt to evaluate which one complements your frame and outfit the most.

Tips for Men

1. Obtain an appropriately sized belt.

Despite the fact that many people are perplexed about how to appropriately size a man’s belt, it is really simple. Simply select a belt that is 2-4 inches longer than your standard pant size. Therefore, if you wear pants with a 40-inch waist, you should get a belt in the 42-44″ range. This may alter slightly if you wear extremely tight pants to control your stomach.

If you are unsure of your pant size (or if you mostly wear pants with a stretchable waistline), there are two additional ways to determine the belt size you need:

Method 1: Determine the circumference of one of your belts.

This procedure is as simple as locating and measuring an existing belt. The issue is determining which points to measure. If you assumed that you must measure from end to end, you would be incorrect. The portion of the leather that actually fits around your waist must be measured. Therefore, measure from the place where the belt connects to the buckle (without the buckle) to the hole you regularly use. The majority of belt measurements are taken from the buckle to the center hole. Therefore, if that measurement equals 42 inches, get a 42-inch belt.

A man in white polo shirt, black pants and black belt.

Method 2: Take your own measurements.

Possibly the most obvious approach, to determine what size belt you wear, simply measure your waist where a belt would sit. This is often more accurate than relying solely on your pants’ waist measurement, as pant sizes vary from brand to brand.

Leather belts (and nylon/canvas belts if the end isn’t sewed) may often be trimmed quite quickly if you’re uncertain about the size to purchase. 

2. Belts versus Suspenders: Making the Right Choice for the Situation

Not wearing a belt is an alternative fashion choice for obese men who want to keep their pants in place. Unfortunately, they are correct. Many large men avoid suspenders because they believe they are stereotypically obese, and they have a point. Suspenders are frequently worn by extremely elegant, beautiful men with beards, and overweight men. However, there are a few situations in which I believe obese men should always wear suspenders.

Wearing a suit. If you are wearing a blazer, sport coat, or full suit, suspenders will complete your outfit and keep your pants in place.

In conclusion, if you’re dressed up (or have a way to conceal your suspenders), go for it! In addition to keeping your pants up, they also situate your pants in the correct position, making you appear taller, leaner, and more “put-together.”

3. Wear your belt at the correct location.

Accepting your weight is the most effective way to improve your appearance and boost your self-esteem if you are a heavy man. There is nothing you can do besides wearing a compression undershirt to deceive folks into thinking you’re tiny. Instead of turning to crazy measures to conceal your stomach, you could dress in a way that makes you appear well-put-together.

A few parting thoughts

Remember that it’s not about appearing flawless (after all, perfection is boring!). It’s about having fun, experimenting, and celebrating your individuality through your fashion sense.


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