What are Hipster Bikini Bottoms?

When it comes to choosing swimwear, some females are very picky or choosy about the bottoms of the bikini. There are so many different fit options; simply a few inches of cloth may significantly alter the appearance and fit. Different bottom styles are desired according to the day, activity, company, etc. A female wants different options. So, you may choose a different bikini bottom for relaxing on vacation with your beau, or you would go for a family BBQ and pool day.

Different bikini bottom styles:

  • High leg
  • Tie-side or Side-tie
  • High waist
  • Thong
  • Classic brief
  • Cheeky
  • Low-rise
  • Mid-rise
  • Shorts/Full Coverage
  • String
  • Brazilian
  • Hipster

What exactly are Hipster Bikini Bottoms?

The term “hipster” refers to casual and sassy apparel and has been around since the 1940s. Hipster bikinis fall under the category of hipster pants. They are typically made with a figure-flattering design in mind. They perfectly fit the wearer’s hips and rest a few inches below the waist.

Hipster bikini bottoms generally feature a medium-to-low rise. It is a band that hugs the hips and has somewhat less coverage on the bottoms than full coverage.

These hipsters are also known as hip huggers. The waistband of this bikini rests two inches below the waist, on the hips, as the name “hipsters” suggests. These hipster bottoms bikinis provide you with fantastic side coverage and a stunning, toned shape. You can choose from low-waist, mid-waist, or high-waist hipsters, depending on your level of comfort. 

When do Hipster Bikini Bottoms work well?

If you are looking for a low-waist bikini bottom that sits on your hipbone and has a wee bit more coverage, this bottom style is perfect. The hipster is ideal for you if your butt is rounded or heart shaped.

Choose Hipster Bikini Bottoms

  • If you want more fabric on the hip
  • If you want to conceal those little lumps
  • If you want more frontal protection
  • If you want to be less cheeky

Why Choose Hipster Bikinis?

Why Choose Hipster Bikinis

Hipster bikini bottoms are typically chosen because they are available in a variety of styles and are appropriate for a variety of situations. It has wider sides that offer the user complete comfort and support, making it suitable for everyday swimwear as well. Hipster bikinis are mostly chosen by ladies who want to move freely without hesitation. They can be paired with any style or type of bikini top that would definitely flatter your body.

What is the Difference between Hipster and Bikini Bottoms?

It is great but difficult to choose bottoms from so many different styles and types! You are scratching your head right now as you consider choosing which of the two extremely popular cheeky styles—hipster and bikini bottoms. You might be wondering exactly what makes these styles differ from one another. Ladies, do not worry; we have got you covered. There are a few distinctions between the two bottom types, even though they are both attractive and quite comfortable.

Remember that whether you choose a bikini or a hipster bikini, both are fantastic choices for active or relaxing swim days off. Hipster bikinis and bikinis differ significantly in how they fit on the body. The hipster bikinis conceal all those excess bulges and offer you a flawless sleek look, while the bikini versions sit just below the hip and reveal a little more of the abdomen.

These two well-liked looks are unquestionable in their adaptability and reliability. Bikinis and hipsters both have a similar shape, but while hipsters fit slightly higher—typically just above the hips—and have a wider waistband, bikinis sit directly below the hips.

Hipsters often provide a little more coverage, whereas bikini cuts might include string bikinis and other versions with thinner sides. Depending on what you are looking for, you can easily find cheekier styles (or less cheeky styles) that fit into either category.

In the end, hipsters and bikinis are both highly adaptable and look great with any outfit, especially if they are seamless. So, it just comes down to personal preference.

What Makes Hipsters Bikinis Different from Cheeky Bikinis?

What Makes Hipsters Bikinis Different from Cheeky Bikinis

The difference between a hipster and some cheeky bikinis is invisible to the casual observer. Their back is different, but their front is made similarly. The terms hipster and cheeky are frequently used interchangeably. 

Hipsters Bikini Bottoms Match All Body Shapes

Many people find hipster bikini bottoms more appealing since they ensure an almost wedge-proof look for wearers. For people who wish to avoid wedgies, other bikini types are not the best option.

Suggestions on how to Buy Hipster Bikini Bottoms

  • Hipster bikinis can be purchased online or in a physical store, respectively. Due to the numerous benefits, buying hipster bikinis online is primarily preferred.
  • A physical store will only offer a small number of options, whereas an online store may offer many different options.
  • When compared to physical stores, online sellers typically offer a greater variety of goods and services.
  • Online retailers provide hipster bikini bottoms at quite reasonable prices.
  • Online shops typically have a lot of deals and sales going on, allowing you to purchase your favorite bikinis at a discount and save a little money.
  • The advantage of a physical store in purchasing Hipster Bikini Bottoms is you can see it personally if it will fit your body.


Making a decision on choosing Hipster Bikini Bottoms is a great option for an active day or relaxing in leisure. It comes down to the hip coverage you prefer, as well as the amount of sexiness factor you are looking for.


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