What is statement jewelry?

Ever pondered the exact meaning of the “statement” in “statement jewelry”? Here is a concise guide to assist you in making your decision.

Jewelry is a statement item if it is the first thing someone notices about you. For instance, wearing a huge, elaborate necklace while having your shoulders naked makes an impression that others notice right away. The same goes for wearing a bright red cocktail ring with a white power suit, which will draw sly looks that you will catch smiling.

A statement is, in essence, the antithesis of subtle. It is the most tastefully chosen easy method to remain in the limelight, whether it is bright, big, or unmistakably complicated.

photo of a woman wearing silver-colored earrings

Statement Jewelry’s Meaning: Color

Statement jewelry focuses on visibility and the capacity to draw curious glances. As a result, it must provide sharp contrasts, such as vivid gemstones with pastel-colored clothing or powerful, black jewelry with a white t-shirt or dress. This much is obvious.

The secret is to choose a vivid color and wear enough of it so that the contrast is obvious and appears to be deliberate.

woman in sunglasses with a beaded necklace

Statement Jewelry’s Meaning: Shape

Punk rock gave rise to this kind of statement jewelry, which features a mash-up of safety pins, braided chains of different widths, or a general collision of brooches and pendants that appear chaotic but are an organized visual feast. The look has gradually spread to fine jewelry as well.

Figurative forms are always subject to interpretation and are certain to pique people’s curiosity. Is there a deeper significance to that jewelry item? Do you have the newest fashion? Your motives, if any, must be given, of course. But the beauty of it is that if you ever decide to share them, statement jewelry provides you with a ready audience.   

woman wearing a gold chain bib necklace

Statement Jewelry’s Meaning: Size, Volume, and Quantity

Clarity of aim is the rule in this situation as well. The standard is to go with big, imposing items and pair them with plain or flowing (but not enormous) clothing. Of course, size is a relative characteristic; what constitutes a huge object? Anything greater than a few centimeters counts as an earring. Anything that covers a sizable portion of your finger qualifies as a ring. Statement jewelry may be broadly defined as anything larger than the standard in the category.

The key is that you can make a statement while wearing delicate jewelry. Wear as many tiny items simultaneously as the good taste will allow as you put your curation skills to the test. Deck your hands with delicate rings and add many fine chain necklaces to create a striking outfit. Or go for blatant asymmetry by stacking bracelets on one arm while leaving the other bare. Anything to produce the deliberate unbalance that will elevate you to the forefront of the group.

Types of Statement Jewelry

There are several alternatives available to you if you are thinking about purchasing a piece of striking jewelry. Choose a piece that makes a statement after first taking into account the type of jewelry you enjoy wearing. For instance, you can pick a set of statement earrings that go with your style if you like to wear earrings instead of necklaces. Here are some suggestions and illustrations of the many sorts of statement jewelry from shops and highlighted collections.

Statement Earrings

woman taking a selfie

With sophisticated style, Outhouse’s new handcrafted statement earrings can easily transport you from Monday to Sunday. We provide designs ranging from small to maxi, so select the size that best fits your ear. Choose a pair of earrings that will make you feel brash and self-assured from a variety of various adornments and designs.

Statement Necklaces

woman wearing black spaghetti strap dress and gold colored necklace

All different kinds of necklaces, including chokers, collar necklaces, and delicate pendants, are available in our statement necklace collection. Pendant necklaces are a go-to accessory for everyday use whereas chokers and collar necklaces are often saved for special occasions. Outhouse creates each of these pieces to highlight its statement value while also giving them a touch of individuality.

Statement Rings

diamond ring on a bride’s hand

Today, more people are wearing rings, and you now understand why. Outhouse makes rings that will draw attention to your hands everywhere you go. They are brash, distinctive, and colorful. Statement rings are unique because of their elaborate construction. Wear one of them in one hand, and if you want a bolder look, combine it with some delicate ones.

Statement Bracelets

selective focus photography of a person wearing three bangles

There are many various sorts of statement wristbands, including handcuffs, tennis bracelets, leather straps, etc. We design our wristbands to stand alone, so if you feel adventurous enough, combine one of them with your go-to minimalist bracelets to make a stack.  While a customized bracelet can be your go-to accessory, handcuffs might better capture your unique style.


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