Guide to Belly Chain

This article is for you if you are interested in belly chains or if you are just beginning to explore the world of belly chains and want to learn more about how to properly wear or accessorize with a belly chain.

Even though belly chains aren’t for everyone, they are incredibly beautiful accessories that will not only complete your look but also give you a confident, bold vibe.

The belly chain is always the statement item you should spend money on because it gives your wardrobe personality. How to wear this accessory is the only tricky part. Let’s get started!

What is a Belly Chain?

A belly chain, also known as a waist chain, is a sassy piece of body jewelry worn around the waist in a similar way to how a necklace is worn around the neck.

They have been worn by belly dancers for centuries, thus the name. Those chains have typically been heavier in construction, with metal discs and coins that jingle in time to the music. Modern fashions have evolved, and now a variety of chain designs are worn with numerous looks that expose the midriff.

Choosing a Belly Chain

Finding the right style and fit for you is the first step in locating the ideal belly chain for you. Knowing what’s out there and taking some measurements are necessary for this.

necklace on a naked waist girl isolated against a white background


For the best durability, the chains are typically made of sterling silver or electroplated gold. There are also solid gold chains available, but they don’t last nearly as long because this precious metal is relatively soft.


Single, double, and even triple strands are available for plain chains. Beads, crystals, pearls, sea glass, shells, semi-precious stones, and a variety of other adornments are used to adorn belly jewelry styles. Some designers like to personalize a piece by adding a name or adding wording to the chains.

While some designs end precisely at the waist, others have an additional dangle that hangs from the main chain. Additionally, you have the option of unpierced pieces or pierced styles that go well with pierced navels. Everything is subject to your mood and needs.


The chain comes in a variety of sizes, and some pieces can be adjusted quite a bit. To ensure the best fit, inquire with specific designers or manufacturers to see if custom sizing is an option. You’ll need a tape measure to determine your ideal fit.

  • The ideal location to take your measurement is just above your hip bones because this is where waist chains look their best.
  • Be careful not to tighten or loosen the tape too much. The ideal fit is when your finger can fit between the tape and your stomach.
  • To prevent the chains from slipping too far down, those with fewer curves should measure around the waist, close to the navel, rather than at the hips.
  • To ensure a nice hang on your hips, choose a chain that is about two inches larger than your waist.

Tips for Wearing a Body Chain with Clothes

Here is a quick guide to help you wear the chain properly because you want to be sure of it. Just remember that the belly chains can be worn in a variety of ways due to their versatility.

Wearing the Chain Over Clothing

Your body chain can be worn over any favorite outfit in your closet, including a dress, turtleneck, blouse, swimsuit, or other tops. That being said, floral or patterned clothing will not make the body chain stand out; only clothing in solid colors will. This is crucial to remember because, in the end, the belly chain is the statement piece, and it will only do so if you wear it over a nice canvas, which is typically a black top or blouse.

Ensure a Good Fit for Your Outfits

You need a good silhouette for the belly chain to look good on you and bring out the desired edgy look, so whether you are wearing the chain over clothing or bare skin, you must have a nice fitting outfit.

Choose a Style That Works Well for You

There are many different body chain designs to pick from, and some are more straightforward, intricate, or delicate than others. Additionally, there are body chain designs that are best worn over top of something like a crop top and others that are designed to be worn underneath.

Others will pass through the strap of your swimsuit and drape you on the sides, emphasizing your curves. Then there are the hip-circling belly chains. With these and several other options, you should think twice about what you’re doing and the things you want people to notice. For instance, if your bust looks great under a blazer, you can draw attention to it by wearing the stylish bra-style belly chain. It also looks greatly layered over a slip dress or turtleneck top.

Drape the Body Chain Over a Dress

The body chain draped over the dress would be a good idea if you’re looking for a way to make your simple, plain dress stand out while also possibly adding or creating some curves to your silhouette. This complements short A-line dresses or shirt dresses especially well. It’s also a suggested accessory for plus-size women because it alleviates their shapelessness.

Wear it Over Your Long-Sleeved Skirtini

You could wear your chain bel with a belly chain this summer to go with your long-sleeved crop top and the skirtini for a more daring appearance. These belly chains complete the look while detracting attention from the skirtini or any other features you might want to cover up, but they still boost your confidence because you appear to be the most daring person to leave the house.

Body Chains and High-waisted Shorts

The moment you see someone rocking the body chain-shorts look, you are reminded that anything is possible in the world of fashion, with the best part being how cool it looks. Just a simple body chain, possibly in black, along with your favorite high-waisted shorts and possibly your coolest crop top is required. To finish the look, a slightly oversized shirt would be perfect.

Belly Chain and Bodysuit Look

This is the other daring look you might want to try, especially if your bodysuit is also daringly styled, like with a bareback. This would also be the ideal choice if you have a belly chain that is more elaborate and a statement piece, such as one with several chain strands running through the back; in that case, it would fit perfectly on your back. Such belly chains blend so well with the bodysuit that they can be mistaken for a bodysuit component. Just be sure that your bodysuit has personality as well, highlighting the best parts of your chain with, for instance, the plunging, vintage style from the lace.

Basic Black Bikini with a Belly Chain Look

It’s surprising to see how the belly chain and bikini combination just work in this other straightforward beach/summer outfit. This may be the most popular way to wear the body chain because it is so straightforward to pull off.


Your beachwear and other outfits will look great with belly chains as accessories. Use this advice to have fun styling items that reflect your sense of style.


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