Guide to Wood Watches

The unconventional nature of wood watches may make them seem strange at first, but they’ve turned out to be a fantastic and useful idea. Wood watches, which were initially introduced as a purely fashionable option, have established themselves as a competitive alternative to watches made of other materials, such as metals or silicone. 

And no, the watch’s internal mechanisms are not made of wood; rather, they require the same metal components as standard watches to operate properly. Both the watch’s casing and wristband are constructed from wood. 

We examine the details you need to know about wood watches in this guide. Continue reading!

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Wood Watches

Let’s take a quick look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of wood watches:

Advantages of Wood Watches


Watches made of wood are a lot more affordable than ones made of metal.


Wood watches can be very eco-friendly depending on the type of wood used in their construction. Many of the more well-known brands in the wood watch sector are well-known for making significant efforts to replant forests to mitigate any unfavorable effects of their business model. A wooden watch is always more environmentally friendly than a metal one, even when they don’t.


Wood watches are beneficial to both the environment and human health. A fully wooden watch might be your best option if certain metals, silicone, or leather trigger your skin allergies.


As a result of their weight, watches are disliked by many people. This issue is easily resolved with wood watches. They are easy to wear and lightweight.

Lack of Bad Odors

When you sweat, leather and silicone wristbands can occasionally emit an unpleasant smell, but a wooden watch with a wooden wristband eliminates this issue.

Special Look, Feel, and Design

Wood watches are not only brand-new to the watch industry, but they are also very fashionable and functional. They frequently draw attention to themselves and stand out.

Disadvantages of Wood Watches


A good wood watch can last for more than ten years with proper care, but they are still not as durable as watches made of metal.

Faux Wood

Even though wood is inexpensive, some manufacturers still use its even less expensive faux wood substitutes, like plastic imitators. You receive poor quality and durability as a result.

Not Appropriate for Sports

A wood watch might not be the best option for you if you enjoy swimming, running, or playing sports. You can still remove it whenever you’re about to engage in strenuous exercise, but many sports enthusiasts would prefer a durable plastic or silicone watch instead.

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Wood Watch Durability

The durability of wood watches is the main issue. Wood watches are not as durable as metal watches, so that is a legitimate concern to have. Metal watches have dominated the market for such a long time because, with proper maintenance, they can last a lifetime.

The same cannot be said about watches made of wood, however, as wood will eventually deteriorate regardless of your maintenance routine. Pests may attack it, water, sweat, or even prolonged exposure to direct sunlight may cause damage.

Do not, however, assume that because of all these factors, wood watches are unreliable. The truth is that with proper maintenance, wood watches can last for many years, if not decades.

How to Care for a Wood Watch

You can maintain your wood watch’s aesthetic appeal and functionality for a very long time with reasonable care.

Keep Your Wood Watch Away from Water

Ask your retailer if any of the wood watches they carry are waterproof. To avoid complete submersion, it is generally best to keep any wooden object away from water. There won’t be much more to worry about if you don’t wear your wood watch while swimming, showering, perspiring, or walking outside in the rain. Always remove your wooden watch before performing such tasks.

Avoid Harmful Chemicals

Keep dangerous chemicals away from your wood watch as they can harm the wood and degrade the finish.

Clean Your Wood Watch

To keep your watch looking its best, keep it free of dust and dirt. If the watch is dirty, gently wipe it with a damp cloth and then quickly dry it.

Use a Q-tip or soft cloth to gently wipe after applying an equal mixture of olive oil and lemon juice. This will clean the watch of dirt and stains while keeping its luster and shine. After that, be sure to thoroughly wipe the watch off.

Store Your Wood Watch Carefully

Always be careful when storing your watch because pressure can cause damage. Place in a jewelry box or pouch after wrapping in a soft cloth, and keep in a secure location.

Types of Wood Used for Wood Watches

Wrist Wooden watch isolated on a white backgroundA wood watch can be made from a variety of wood types. The watch is as strong and long-lasting as it can be, depending on the type of wood used. The primary factors that will determine how you choose your future wood watch, however, are the color, grain, and texture of the various types of wood.

Bamboo Wood Watch

Bamboo is one of the most environmentally friendly wood types because it grows so quickly and is so simple to replace. Additionally, it has a very light color and a very smooth texture, making it ideal for both men’s and women’s wood watches. Bamboo frequently has a lovely natural pattern that enhances the appeal of the watch.

Karri Wood

This particular kind of wood has a pronounced red hue, which makes it ideal for a fashionable watch. It has a relatively coarse texture and straight, long-lasting grain. This gives it both beauty and toughness.

Maple Wood

Because it is so simple to work with, maple wood is highly regarded in the watchmaking industry. Its fine, straight grain makes it very durable to wear in challenging circumstances. This kind of wood is also very attractive and has a light color.

Olive Wood

You won’t be limited to a particular color because olive wood can be found in a wide variety of hues. But more importantly, olive wood has a very hard, dense texture that makes it highly durable because of its slow growth. Compared to most other types of wood, it can withstand exposure better.

It is ideal for both more upscale watch designs and more masculine watches thanks to its dense texture and fine-grained surface.  

Sandal Wood

Due to its natural qualities, which are widely acknowledged to be excellent for the body, sandalwood, an exotic type of wood, is frequently used for face masks and skin exfoliation. It also has a pleasant, woodsy scent.

It has a very distinctive grain that can be either straight or wavy depending on how it’s cut, and its color can vary greatly. This distinguishes sandalwood watches from other types of wood watches to some extent.

Teak Wood

Teak has a stunning, gender-neutral light brown color. However, it can be challenging to find teak wood. That sort of lessens its eco-friendliness. It is also extremely weather-resistant, which depending on the climate where you live can be great.

Walnut Wood

The rich, dark color of this wood makes for attractive, elegant watches, making it one of the most popular wood types for timepieces. Additionally, walnut wood is quite resilient, which is great for a quality timepiece.


Zebrawood stands out from most other types of wood because of its zebra-stripe appearance. It has a lovely grain that is either wavy or interlocked. The grain of this type of wood alternates between being hard and soft, making it unstable to work with and challenging for designers. But when it’s made into a watch, it’s strong and gorgeous to look at.

Digital Wood Watches

Although it may seem strange, digital watches can also be housed in wooden cases. It might be an odd pairing, but it will undoubtedly generate a lot of discussions. This particular watch is unique because it combines the rustic appeal of wood with the contemporary appearance of a digital clock face.

From a mechanical perspective, a wooden watch has nothing in it that would prevent a digital watch’s mechanism from functioning properly. A unique combination can be created if the color and design of the wood, as well as the digital watch’s face, complement one another well.

Engraving Your Wood Watch

Depending on your retailer and the specific design of the watch, most wooden watches can be engraved. By doing this, you can completely personalize and make your watch your own. A wooden watch is a wonderful gift for a special person in your life because of this.

Typically, the engraving is done on the watch’s back, giving you a sizable surface area to imprint your unique words. On some models, however, you can choose to have the engraving along the watch’s edge or on the clock face.

If the watch has been engraved, be aware that you might not be able to return it.

Wood Watches for Men and Women

Wood watches are a gorgeous option for anyone and look amazing in both masculine and feminine designs.

Wood watches can be created from a wide range of wood types in a variety of different styles and designs for both men and women. Women’s wood watches are typically smaller, lighter, and have narrower designs than traditional watches. On the other hand, wood watches for men are larger and rounder.


If you have a thing for wooden accessories, you must see how stunning wood watches are. This article will provide you with the knowledge necessary to appreciate and wear a wooden watch.



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