Guide to Wedges and Platform Shoes

Wedge and platform shoes are highly comfortable solutions for your regular life activities. They are one of the most popular shoe designs to boost height, add beauty, and complement all clothing. Wedges and platforms are both types of shoes, with the only difference being the heel design.

The height of the wedge heel from the ground is about the same throughout the shoe. The gradient may cause the toe or heel area to be up to one inch higher. Platforms provide a steeper inclination. The shoe sole may be four inches wide at the toe, two inches wide at the inclination, and six inches wide at the heel.

In this guide, we’ll go through both shoes in detail, so you’ll know which style to go with and how to wear them to complete your ensemble.

What Is the Difference Between Platform Shoes and Wedges?

the legs of two people wearing platform shoes

Platform shoes and wedge shoes are frequently used interchangeably. People mix up platforms with wedges because the two styles are frequently mixed into a single shoe. When they’re coupled, they’re known as “platform wedge shoes.” The distinction is as follows:

Platform Shoes

Contrary to popular opinion, the heel of a shoe has no bearing on whether the shoe is a platform shoe or not. Rather, the part of the sole that sits under the front of the foot defines whether the shoes are platforms or not.

Platform shoes have thick soles that sit beneath the front of the foot. This style is available in many heel styles, such as wedge heels, chunky heels, stiletto heels, and so on.

While platform soles are frequently paired with wedge heels, this is not always the case. When the two features are united, they form a “platform wedge.”

Platform shoes are currently quite trendy with women, but they have also been very popular with males in the past.

Wedge Shoes

The “heel” of ordinary shoes lies simply on the foot’s heel, whereas a wedge heel travels under the foot from the back to the middle or front. As you might expect, it features a triangular, wedge shape, but not all wedges are high heels. In actuality, wedge heels range in height from low to high; the shape and length of the heel distinguish it as a wedge.

Many individuals get platforms and wedges mixed up. While wedge heels may have platform soles, the two elements do not necessarily coexist. 

What Are Wedge Sandals?

a woman sitting on a high place wearing jute wedges with her bag next to her

Wedge sandals are a closet staple for many ladies since they are flexible and comfy and provide additional support to the center of the foot, unlike regular heels. This makes wedge shoes an excellent choice for anyone who finds it difficult to wear heels comfortably but still wants to attempt the appearance.

You can get a dressier or more casual look by using wedge sandals with dresses, skirts, shorts, or trousers. They’re also ideal for various circumstances, such as going to school, a party, a wedding, or simply seeking a pair of comfortable shoes.

Wedges have a heel that goes the length of the sole or up to the center of the shoe. The heel and sole are typically composed of the same material, such as wood, Perspex, or cork. Depending on your desire, trendy fashion boutiques provide a variety of Wedges ranging from almost flat to high heels.

What Are Platform Shoes?

the feet of a woman wearing platform shoes

Platform shoes are any shoes (heels, trainers, or sandals) having a thicker sole than typical. The larger-than-normal sole will be between one to four inches long in most cases. They can have high heels, but platform shoes without heels are also feasible because the defining section is the sole beneath the toe box; the thickness here determines whether a shoe is a platform or not.

When the upper material of a shoe conceals the platform, it gives the impression that there is no platform there. This makes the heels appear higher and can add height without giving the impression of wearing a platform shoe.

Platform heights can vary greatly, but the typical is between three to ten centimeters or one to four inches. On the other hand, platform footwear with high heels has been known to reach eight inches under the toe box and 16 inches for the heel.

Platforms and Wedges: How to Choose Them

a woman pouting while slightly bent over wearing wedges

Because these two shoe types are from the same shoe family, the selection process is the same for both.

Examine the Material

Both shoe types are available in leather, plastic, rubber, jute, and fabric. Plastic and fabric wedges and platforms are more comfortable than other materials for everyday use.

Wear leather types for formal occasions. Rubber and jute materials are suitable for all occasions.

Consider Heel Height

Wedges are better for your health than platforms because the deeper slope is harmful to your backbone. Wedges are healthier for greater height in everyday life.

If you have a history of osteoporosis, arthritis, or any other bone condition, wedges are preferable to platforms. You can also use fake platforms wedges to preserve your health and add style and height.

Formality at an Event

Printed fabric wedges are a viable option for your routine. Look into fancy platforms for hangouts and parties. Material self-design is appropriate for formal uses.

How to Wear Wedges


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Wedges provide a delicate feminine flair while still being surprisingly comfy, unlike some stilettos that may pain your feet after an hour of walking. Because it is so adaptable, you won’t feel bad about having over one pair in your shoe cupboard because you’ll be able to wear them every day.

Perhaps the only issue is figuring out how to wear these modern classics. They can go with almost every outfit, but only a few of the combos below will make you stand out like a star.

Sundresses and Jute

A sundress paired with a sun hat is one of the nicest ways to pair jute wedges since it screams “summer” in all the right ways. If you don’t want to pull out all the guns, a cardigan and sunglasses that match the color of your sandals make excellent partners-in-crime.

Create a Whimsical Look With Skirts or Flare Bottoms

Wedges look great with skirts or flare dresses because the flare bottom creates an informal and whimsical style that complements the wedge concept perfectly. If you wish to stand out from the crowd, wear your favorite wedge sandals with your wind-in-your-hair style.

Match With a Skirt

So you’ve been wearing dresses all the time and want to switch things up for one day. Skirts have a similar aesthetic, so experiment with mixing and matching skirt combinations or color-coordinating to create a basic all-white ensemble. If your pencil skirt is too bulky for you, consider a small skirt instead.

Leather on Leather… Or Suede

This style takes the cake by combining the delicate, feminine tones of the flare skirt with the powerful feelings of the leather jacket. Instead of the normal jute and cotton wedges you’d wear on a sunny day out; your wedges should be made of a material that complements the tone of your clothing, such as suede or leather.

Rock Your Favorite Pair With a Dress


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A dress is the most secure option for wearing your favorite pair of wedges. Make sure your clothing isn’t too blocky or formal because wedge sandals are relatively casual and look best with a few whimsical elements in your outfit, such as the lace in a little black dress that shows some skin.

Pair With a Romper

A romper is a cute summer attire that looks like a dress but is much comfier. Dress it up with a matching pair of wedge sandals, and you won’t go wrong.

Nude on Denim Exhibits Versatility

Yes, wedge sandals are that adaptable. You’ll probably be unable to get through the summer without a pair of trusty denim shorts, which look fantastic when paired with nude wedges that supply a subtle color but outstanding style.

Neutral All the Way

If your shorts are a neutral color, match your top and shoes with the most fashionable colors, like rose gold. This is one way to stand out when attending an event where you want people to notice you and your outfit.

Draw Attention With Your Skinny Jeans and Wedges

Basic skinny jeans help to draw attention to what’s underneath. Will they be your go-to muted wedges or eye-catching red pumps? Whatever it is, wedge sandals and skinny jeans go with everything, so it’s no surprise that they look great together.

Espadrille and Skinny Jeans in Black

Espadrille wedges are trendy right now, and you don’t have to bother painting your nails because they won’t be seen anyway! This pair looks great with black skinnies, but we think it would also look great with a black dress or a mini skirt.

How to Wear Platform Shoes


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Have you come across an old pair of platform shoes and are unsure how to wear them? We’ll provide you with several helpful tips and advice in this article. Whether you’re wearing a platform heel, a sneaker, or a flip-flop, you’ll find a look that will make you feel fabulous!

Keep Your Colors Neutral

Why not keep the rest of your outfit neutral if you have a typical 1970s pair of vibrant, patterned platform shoes? You’ll draw attention to these eye-catching shoes and have folks asking where you got them!

The look of neutral colors partnered together is currently very fashionable. Alternatively, keep your attire styling as distinct and straightforward as possible. Whatever you were planning to wear may also look good with platform boots.

Are you choosing a simple jumper and shorts? Put on your platform boots as well! You’ll instantly improve your appearance.

Platform Sneakers Look Great With a Skirt and a Top

Do you like the grunge style? Then why not wear a leather skirt with a band t-shirt and your platforms?

Fortunately, the look of dresses, skirts, and sneakers is popular! This means you can appear incredibly gorgeous when heading out for coffee while remaining comfy on the walk there.

Jeans and a Pretty Top

Make a statement by wearing your platforms with a modest ensemble. You would assume that jeans and platforms don’t go together, but if you look at images from the 1970s, you’ll see that many people wore this outfit!

Jeans are an excellent choice for displaying your shoe. However, why not go for a blouse or t-shirt that complements your platforms?

Combine Leather With Leather

Wear a white t-shirt, black pants, and, most crucially, a leather jacket if you have a pair of leather platform boots.

Combine a Feminine Outfit with Combat Boot Platforms


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If you have a pair of “masculine” platforms, try wearing them with a surprisingly “feminine” outfit. With a pair of platforms, you can wear a shirt, a sophisticated skirt, and an updo. This unexpected twist will offer your clothing a unique style.

All Black is a High-end Look

If you’re planning a tour to Europe, you should bring everything black you own. You’ll notice that many locals dress in black, and you should do the same! Many people consider this appearance monotonous, but it’s simply a terrific method to boost your style, especially if you’re having trouble finding cute clothing.

When you pair an all-black ensemble with platform boots, you’ll look like you’re walking to a fashion show. Add a deeper lip color, a winged eyeliner, and wonderfully messy hair to complete the French style.

Attract Attention With a Hat and Platforms

If you truly want to wow people with your flair, why not complete the appearance with a hat?

This may be considered excessive by some, as you will attract a lot of attention. For some, the glances you will receive will make wearing a hat worthwhile! Consider a baker boy hat or a large floppy hat for a 70s look.

Pick a 90s Vibe

Over the last 50 years, platform shoes have been extremely popular. A pair of jeans and a grunge style, complete with a jean jacket, is the way to go! With a beanie cap and your platform boots, you might pull off a grunge appearance.

To finish this look, use dark lipstick and paint your nails.

Don a Matching Suit

If you truly want to stand out at work, wear a suit with your platforms. This might become your new favorite work dress, depending on the vibe of your office. You can also coordinate your bag’s color with your platform boots.

Check out the fashions of Charlotte Russe or Jeffrey Campbell for a great fashionable look.


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