Style Guide to Loafers for Women

The loafer has always been about style and function since its inception in the 1900s. Loafers are slip-on shoes with no laces, typically made of suede or leather materials. They were originally designed for men’s wear but later found their way into the hearts of women as well. This versatile shoe is more comfortable than a boot and more elevated than a sneaker.

The ever-expanding and growing fashion industry is experiencing a steady increase in demand for women’s loafers. The benefit of loafers is their versatility; they are sophisticated enough to pass for formal wear while also being casual enough to look amazing with casual outfits. When it comes to women’s loafers, the possibilities for great outfits are endless because there is almost nothing you can’t pair them with.

The loafers’ origins can be traced back to Norway, where the shoes were inspired by traditional moccasins. These are outsourced to the rest of Europe and have since been harvested by Americans. The feature in Esquire magazine skyrocketed the popularity of these Nordic pairs, permanently securing them as a timeless shoe style.

Loafers are classic shoes that have stood the test of time for decades. So here’s a look at how to wear loafers for women.

The Most Common Women’s Loafers

Loafers are the ideal footwear for ladies who value style, comfort, and convenience. Nothing looks as stylish as a loafer while also allowing you to navigate the busy city streets without hurting your feet.

Loafers no longer conjure up images of prep school. It’s all about looking good while hustling in style these days.

Loafers for women are now available in various materials and colors, including classic leather, vegan leather, patent leather, and suede. Traditional simple loafers are also available, as are metallic, studded, hybrid back-less, heeled, and pointed-toe styles.

The following are some of the most popular women’s loafers shoes:

Classic Women’s Loafers


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In flats, the classic loafers for women range from plain driving moccasins to pairs embellished with tassels, metal pieces, or buckles. Modern loafers are also available in various patterns, including snakeskin and animal prints and fabric prints such as polka dots, florals (check out these tips on styling florals!), and others.

Hybrid Softback Loafers

These hybrid loafers are a cross between mules and loafers, with a softback that easily bends into a women’s loafer’s mules. This adds a level of convenience by instantly transforming an already comfy loafer into a mule that you can easily and quickly slip on and off.

Heeled Women’s Loafers

There’s always something for everybody, and there are heeled loafers for those who enjoy wearing heels. Women’s loafers with heels typically range from one to four inches in height, with some pieces featuring platform heels.

Pointed-toe Loafers

There are pointed-toe loafers that add a classy, feminine touch to an outfit without compromising the loafers’ coziness. While these are ideal for casual meetings or a routine day at work, they are also suitable for some formal occasions.

How to Wear Loafers for Women

While boots or heels are appropriate, you can add variety to your footwear collection by purchasing women’s loafers. They are fashionable, comfortable, and simple to wear, so here’s a quick guide to help you style them for any occasion:

Business Casual Attire

You’ll want something professional but relaxed and unpretentious for casual meetings with business clients. Women’s loafers look great with this outfit, including a solid t-shirt, skinny jeans, and a long overcoat. Accessorize with a simple watch and a handbag to complete the look.

Formal Attire

a close up of the feet of a woman wearing black leather handmade loafers

Women’s loafers look great with any formal outfit, and they make a statement when paired with tapered trousers. Wear a monochromatic suit with trousers, a solid shirt, a blazer, and women’s loafers. This outfit is ideal for ensuring that you slay the fashion game while remaining very professional.

Casual Attire

A midi dress paired with women’s loafers is an outfit that will never go out of style. Choose a casual yet stylish mid-length sundress and pair it with loafers for a summer-appropriate look. 

A simple bracelet paired with a sling bag completes the look. You can spend a leisurely day out and about while looking fantastic in this outfit.

Fancy Attire

Wearing loafers with a fancy outfit is a unique and fashionable look. Wear a sleeveless crop top with high-waisted pants and women’s loafers. Hoop earrings, socks visible over the loafers’ edge, and a fancy wallet complete the look.

Lounge Attire

If you’re planning a casual get-together with friends, women’s loafers are the ideal footwear. Choose a fun jumpsuit and couple it with loafers for a unique, stylish, but not overly edgy look. With a pair of sunglasses as accessories, you’re ready to be the fashion-forward person.

How to Style Women’s Loafers

Loafers are extremely versatile; you can wear them anywhere, from the classroom to the park, the office, the mall, and even international trips. They are also extremely comfortable; they are their go-to driving shoes for some ladies.

Did we mention that these women’s loafers trends go with everything? It looks great with pants, shorts, skirts, and dresses, and it’s appropriate for all seasons!

Bold and Loud With Colors

The best thing about fashion is that you can be as creative as you want. Loafers are no different! For a pop of color, pair your loafers with bright or neon colors.

Consider wearing bright yellows, neon greens, or bright blues with vintage classic loafers. Alternatively, go for a more subdued or monochrome look, and then bring out your chunky platform loafers adorned with multi-colored tassels. Accessorizing with vibrantly colored pieces is a great way to modernize a laid-back look.

Out and About

Wear loafers and jeans with a comfortable t-shirt or sweater for a daytime look. You can even layer on an oversized cardigan for an extra cozy look. Women’s casual loafers look great with distressed jeans, boyfriend jeans, or even denim overalls.

Loafers and shorts are also good for a more relaxed, out-of-the-office look. Dresses can be more difficult to wear with loafers, but as long as you’re comfortable, go for it! Most people advise against wearing maxi dresses with loafers, but we’ve seen women pull off the look successfully!

The key is to keep your loafers in subtle or muted colors or leave them bare to emphasize your leg line. When wearing pants, you can match the color of your pants to the loafers for a more seamless look.

Choose a Sophisticated and Classy Look

Loafers are a timeless piece that can easily dress up any outfit. Choose black or neutral-colored women’s loafers with a leather finish or metallic detail and sophisticated trinkets for an overall chic look. Pair this with an all-black ensemble with accent colors for a modern classic look.

Leather or suede women’s loafers are recommended for the material.

Alternatively, wear an all-white loafer with black pants and a striped top for a chic-nautical look.

Loafers in neutral colors are also popular these days, as you can wear them in various ways depending on your mood. These loafers are appropriate for going from restaurants to the park, from the office to after-work drinks at any time of day! They also look good with almost any outfit.

Maintain a Simple and Chic Look

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Wear your classic women’s loafers with fitted ankle pants, cuffs or no cuffs. Pants in khaki, black, or even white will do. Pair your loafers with a belted knee-length dress or a classic pencil skirt for dresses and skirts. This is a classic office look that you can pair with your favorite office bag and top.

Choosing the Right Loafers for the Season

  • During the winter, layer a scarf, a sweater, and wooly tights with your loafers for a cozy but still stylish look that will keep you warm.
  • Spend time outside in your comfortable loafers, paired with your favorite pair of shorts or a summer dress, and topped off with a sunhat.
  • Autumn and spring can be chilly but warm, so don’t be afraid to go out in your usual jeans, shirt, and loafers ensemble; bring along a cardigan, leather jacket, or spring/autumn coat if you want to cover up a little!

Should You Wear Socks or Not?

The most important factor to consider when answering this question is the weather; going barefoot will be cold and uncomfortable if it is cold outside. However, it can help keep your feet cool and comfortable in the summer.

Why not try some loafer liners? Don’t be fooled—these are invisible socks, not insoles. They’re designed to be worn with loafers and sit nicely in your shoe without showing any socks. They give the impression of being barefooted without actually being barefooted.

There are also a variety of socks available that you could wear as an alternative, such as trainer socks, which sit very low in the shoe and would work just as well. These all help prevent odors, excessive sweating, and rubbing of the shoes.

Dos and Don’ts of Loafer Styling


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  • Loafers are available in both fabric and leather. Leather loafers are typically worn with suits or dresses, while fabric loafers are worn with casual attire.
  • Because loafers are so easy to put on and take off, you should make sure they are the right size. Before you buy, give them a try first.
  • According to experts, you should not wear loafers with socks because your socks will be visible when you wear loafers. However, most folks prefer to wear socks with loafers, so we recommend you try on both and see which works best.
  • Loafers are a great addition to your spring and summer office attire because they are breathable and have the feel of slippers.
  • Opt for loafers when you can’t decide which shoe to wear with your outfit. Just make sure you have a well-put-together appearance. Consider pairing your red dress with a loafer and a black leather belt.

When Is It Not Appropriate to Wear Loafers?

While you can wear loafers with various outfits, you should not wear them with athleisure.

You should limit Athleisure looks to sneakers. Otherwise, it may appear that you forgot to bring your gym shoes. They’re also too casual for formalwear, so look for a dressier flat for a special occasion if you can’t pull off a small heel.

How to Take Care of Your Loafers

Whether you adhere to a fashion style for years or your tastes change every few months, loafers are a versatile, adaptable piece to have in your wardrobe. To help them last much longer, keep them in good condition by following these shoe care tips:

  • Know the materials of your shoes and use the proper cleaning methods. Suede and leather, for example, should never be washed in a washing machine. Handwashing is advised.
  • Use shoe cleaning products safe for your loafers’ colors and materials. A cleaning kit is also a good investment because it is safe to use on most shoe colors, types, and materials.
  • You can keep your loafers’ shape and avoid creases with shoe trees. We recommend getting one made of cedar, which naturally keeps moisture and odors at bay!

Penny Loafers

side view of a pair of Penny loafers

Previously, loafers were referred to as “Penny Loafers.” Do you understand why?

The loafers’ association with pennies is an intriguing aspect of their history. The loafer’s design was modified from its traditional moccasin look back in the day, and they added a strip of leather on top of the shoe. This leather strip has a split in the middle that is ideal for holding a penny.

During this period, an emergency call in a telephone booth costs two pennies, making the loafers ideal for storing emergency pennies. Phone calls became more expensive over time, and we later got smartphones for emergency calls. The penny loafers, however, have persisted to this day.

While loafers tend to have classic details, they’re making a comeback in a way that mirrors other shoe trends, such as lugged sole boots. Customers usually have more playful style varieties to choose from when classic styles, much like a loafer, reemerge as a trend.

If you don’t already have this essential pair, you can choose from various women’s loafers. These timeless women’s shoes will complement any outfit and season.


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