Lamo Boots Versus UGG – What’s the Difference?

Sheepskin boots, as the name implies, are boots made of sheepskin. These boots are unisex in design and composed of dual-faced sheepskin with fleece on the inside, a tanned outside surface, and a synthetic sole. Sheepskin boots are a type of practical footwear that originated in Australia. They were initially worn to protect oneself from the cold.

Surfers used to wear sheepskin boots in the 1960s. These boots became popular in the surf culture of the United States and the United Kingdom in the 1970s. Sheepskin boots were a big fashion trend later in the 1990s and achieved widespread prominence in the mid-2000s.

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Why Sheepskin Is Good for You

Suitable for Any Season

Sheepskin has natural isolating capabilities, which gives the sheepskin boots their isothermal features. The fleece’s dense threads in the boots’ interior drain moisture away and allow air to circulate, keeping the feet at body temperature. As a result, the boots can keep your feet warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Anti-Bacterial and Hypoallergenic

They’re also anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic. There will be no more smelly feet! Landin, a naturally anti-bacterial protein found in sheepskin fibers, keeps the feet feeling fresh. Sheepskin also resists mildew and dust mites, making it a particularly appealing option for allergy sufferers.

No More Sweat

Sheepskin absorbs sweat and moisture, allowing you to feel comfortable, dry, and friction-free with every step, unlike footwear lined with synthetic materials. If you have blisters, this is an excellent product to use.


Sheepskin slippers are also quite sturdy; they’re built to last. You can bend wool strands from sheepskin 20,000 times without tearing.

Comfortable on the Feet

It feels so good to slip into a pair of velvety sheepskin boots. After a long day’s work, who doesn’t deserve it? The shoes are also highly bouncy, giving the impression of walking on clouds.

UGG® and LAMO are two significant brands that specialize in sheepskin footwear. The following is a discussion of both brands and how their footwear differs from one another.

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LAMO Footwear

The LAMO Footwear collection in browns, blacks, and other fashionable colors, which Joseph Li founded in 1995, has become a fashion standard for a constantly expanding number of buyers who appreciate the brand’s unique quality and craftsmanship. The company, which Li has successfully owned and run for the previous 16 years, has transformed in recent years.

LAMO has put fine attention on each line — Classic, Essential, and Signature — with both logo and line alterations, emphasizing qualities for each. Li wanted to return the label to its roots as a comfortable, fashionable brand that didn’t follow every trend.

LAMO Boots

LAMO Sheepskin Footwear unveils its newest range of ultra-comfortable boots built with high-quality materials and attention to detail. Each pair of LAMO boots is imbued with a generous dose of authentic Southern California style, with allusions to West Coast culture’s rich diversity — from the fast-paced fashion districts to the calm, tranquil beaches. LAMO has designed a Fall/Winter collection for a multi-faceted lifestyle centered on optimum comfort, returning to its roots.

a pair of Lamo boots

The collection includes:

  • Tongva Spirit, a feather embellished ankle boot with Australian twin-faced shearling and a luxurious sheepskin cuff.
  • Gabrielle Moccasins in suede with a contrast color toe box and fringe kiltie.
  • Brenda boots with decorative buttons and genuine fur trim.
  • Fringe Wrap, an ankle boot in suede with wraparound supple suede fringes.

LAMO’s Classic collection is also at the top of everyone’s list. The Australian Bootie, Ladies Bootie, Sonic Boot, Women’s Rugged Boot, and Brittany Boot in the short, ankle, and tall versions are all must-haves. LANO Signature is created for optimal comfort and developed for a diverse lifestyle, evoking LA’s sunny, carefree attitude.

The complete LAMO Sheepskin line is constructed of sheepskin and lamb leather, suede microfiber, and a breathable, soft sheepskin interior, which is great for bare feet because of its inherent antibacterial properties.

LAMO Signature is made from the highest grade Australian merino sheepskin, and it not only provides a superb cushion with a buttery-soft hand, but it also has temperature regulating capabilities and long-lasting flexibility. The LAMO design team has produced a range that perfectly mixes function and fashion for modern women looking for affordable fashion, on-trend trends, exquisite quality, and day-to-evening versatility in a great brand.


UGG is a part of Deckers Brands, an American footwear company and a recognized trademark for footwear, outerwear, luggage, household goods, clothes, and other products in the US and more than 130 other countries. Deckers has an e-commerce division in Flagstaff, Arizona, and is based in Goleta, California.

UGG manufactures its footwear in plants in China and Vietnam. The raw skins are primarily acquired from Australia and the United Kingdom, and the sheepskin is mainly sourced from two tanneries in China.

Previously, legal conflicts emerged between some sheepskin boot makers about whether “ugg” is a registered trademark or a generic name that doesn’t qualify for trademark protection. In New Zealand and Australia, over 70 registered trademarks incorporate the phrase “ugg” in various logos and designs, as the name is considered a general reference to a sort of shoe.

Ugg Boots

The UGG brand is most known for its “Classic” boots, which are sheepskin boots in the manner of Australian ugg boots for both men and women. Even though Deckers’ UGG-branded sheepskin boots are influenced by Australian ugg boot style, they don’t claim they are ugg boots, saying that the boots have been refined through time to what Deckers refers to as the “Classic” Californian-style sheepskin boot.

Since the early 2000s, UGG boots have been highlighted as a fashion trend for women and men. Clothing, gloves, handbags, caps, outerwear, home products like pillows and blankets, and other items have been added.

What’s the Difference Between LAMO Boots and Ugg Boots?

The lining of LAMO sheepskin boots is better, with softer, thicker inlays that can be felt in the insole. LAMO boots also appear more elegant compared to UGG boots. In contrast to the former, the Uggs have a broader range of styles, sizes, and colors.

LAMO boots also have a thicker, slip-resistant rubber sole. In contrast, Uggs lack the strong traction in other winter boots, potentially leading to uncomfortable slips and falls when traveling across snowy and slippery terrain. When it comes to price, Uggs are significantly more expensive, with adult sizes ranging from $120 to $300 and children’s sizes ranging from $50 to $150, compared to LAMO, which has prices ranging from $60 to $200 for adult sizes and $50 to a little over $70 for children’s sizes.

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