Tips for Wearing Jewelry With Sensitive Skin

Expression of style and anyone’s soul outshines the most with the right choice of jewelry. Jewelry completes an outfit by underlining the natural beauty of its wearer. Other than that, jewelry is the most valuable gift one can give to someone special. But, where jewelry offers multiple benefits, it gets pretty frustrating to see that ugly rash that it leaves sometimes.

All types of jewelry are not for all people. Five to ten percent of the population near industrial areas is allergic to fake jewelry. Fake jewelry rash is often called a “Nickel Allergy.” Nickel Allergy tops the list of the most common metal allergies. You also need to be aware that jewelry might cause issues for skin to skin contact with a baby as well. 

Contact dermatitis and other allergies are mostly the results of cobalt and nickel. These allergies only appear on a specific part of the skin exposed to the metal. Blisters or uncomfortable scaly peeling can occur as a result of fake jewelry. Knowing what’s the best skin product for your particular skin type is always a blessing in disguise.

They create itching and irritation in the skin. Also, copper tends to leave an unpleasant green residue on the skin because of oxidation if exposed for a long time. Dermatologists recommend hypoallergenic jewelry for such fake jewelry rash. People with sensitive skin should go through a proper guide before opting for ornaments. Read tips on the best cat breeds for people with allergies. 

Tips For Choosing Jewelry For Sensitive Skin:

Following are a few tips for people who are allergic to fake jewelry:

Nickel Elimination

Nickel is a popular, cost-effective, and durable metal. That is why fake jewelry consists of nickel most commonly. The scaly residue over the skin after taking off the jewelry indicates Nickel allergy.  When nickel dissolves in water, it leaves the salt behind, which means the metal is eroding. 

The sweaty areas on the skin get more affected with this eroding leaving the skin itchy and irritated. The tight jewelry pieces trap moisture easily, such as rings and chokers. It is upsetting for people who love to wear jewelry but have allergic skin. Hence, nickel is not appropriate as jewelry for sensitive skin.

Go For Palladium Alloys

The New York-based jewel designer Francesca Grosso confirmed it nine times to avoid anything that involves brass or nickel because it will turn the skin a horrible green. Combination metals made from two or more metallic elements and contain brass and nickel are most likely to create irritation. Copper is also a wrong choice for jewelry for sensitive skin.

These metals occur in oxidation and turn the exposed skin to a disgusting green color. On the contrary, alloys made of palladium will be the better choice. It is a white metal in-related to platinum. The properties are almost the same as those of platinum in terms of pureness and luster.  Palladium alloys are affordable because of less density and they are hypoallergenic too.

Make It Easy With Metal-testing Kits

Metal testing kits help a lot to validate the purity of any metal or jewelry. They come with a set of solutions, and by rubbing jewelry with them, it becomes easy to evaluate if the metal is pure or not. 

When the metal reacts with these solutions, they change colors depicting the existence of a specific metal—the price of this kit starting from 50 dollars on e-commerce stores like Amazon. The metal testing kit is also beneficial with the inherited antique jewelry collection.

Get Some Hypoallergenic Jewelry Right Away

Quality wins over quantity. Instead of collecting bunches of fake and cheap jewelry, one should opt for original stuff. When it comes to fine jewelry, people love to invest unsurprisingly because of its enduring profits. The smaller amount of metal elements combined with alloys means higher levels of purity.

Sterling, platinum, or gold makes the chances lesser for contact dermatitis because of their pure properties. Grosso endorses sterling silver as the biggest deception when it comes to hypoallergenic jewelry. It is essential to check for a “925” or “sterling,” which means 92.5 percent pure stamp to avoid silver-plated jewelry. The sterling stamp ensures that no copper or brass alloys are involved.,

Leather Jewelry Is Doubtful Too

Even though leather armbands are in fashion and celebrities tend to show them off quite frequently, a little study is required. People allergic to metals should not be afraid of leather, but the tanning process of leather involves metal. Inorganic tanning creates stretchable leather faster than vegetable tanning, which means there might be a chance of metal residue when interacting with the skin. 

Not only jewelry but leather handbags and clothes too can cause a problem for anyone prone to fake jewelry rash. Therefore, leather is also a no-no in case of choosing jewelry for sensitive skin.

Time To Discuss Body Jewelry

When jewelry causes a rash over an exposed area of the skin, it happens to be healed quicker. But, if it affects the inner parts of the skin, then the healing process becomes slow. Body jewelry touches the skin directly. Hence, the nickel allergy may arise. To avoid such conditions, one should look for nickel-free or surgical labels when buying any body jewelry. Sterilizing is another aspect never to forget.

14k or Higher Gold will work

Measurement defines the quantification of attributes. Measurement for the purity of gold is karat. The karat is higher if the ratio of alloys is high too. Less than 14k gold includes substantial alloys like brass or copper, while above 14k gold tends to be purer. 24k gold is 99.5 percent pure. Here, another important thing is to check the labels for gold-plated jewelry pieces. 

Grosso recommends investing in 24k, 18k, and 14k rose gold or yellow gold. Silver color lovers can always choose white gold of a high karat level. The skin needs attention because it’s the most prominent feature of the human body, and one should take care of it. Measurement defines the quantification of attributes. Measurement for the purity of gold is karat. The karat is higher if the ratio of alloys is high too.

Do Not Ignore Hooks And Clasps

Sometimes the appealing look of jewelry engulfs the buyer too much that he forgets about the low-quality hook or clasp attached to it. Just the slightest of ignorance may result in massive troubles. It is vital to examine the tiniest details. If there is even a hint of skin irritation, make sure to check the clasps because they are made from stainless steel or niobium occasionally.

Wash Away That Dirt

Not only the skin needs cleansing, but everyday jewelry also needs that wash. The routine jewelry collects residues from perfumes, lotion, and soap. It also stores dirt commonly. Taking off the jewelry items weekly, and soaking them in the jewelry cleaning solution is very important. A clean toothbrush should be used for cleaning purposes. Taking care of the choice regarding cleansers would be a plus if the skin has irritation problems.

These were the nine valuable tips so that no one goes through the trauma of throbbing skin diseases caused by fake jewelry.

Final Word

Well-dressed people always look delightful and lively, and the correct use of jewelry is a win-win situation. But, styling with comfort should become a priority for every fashion lover out there. Investing in hypoallergenic jewelry will do the job because who would want to ruin their perfect outlook due to itchy allergic skin.


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