Makeup Precautions for Sensitive Skin

Having sensitive skin means that you’re vulnerable to several skin problems such as inflammation, bumps, acne, irritation, and skin erosion. That is why this type of skin requires a lot more care and attention compared to normal skin types. These skin problems are often triggered by many factors such as strong wind, chemicals, allergens, heat and cold, and excessive sun exposure. That is why if you have sensitive skin, it would be best if you take several precautions to protect it. Still, it does not mean that it should hinder you from putting on any makeup, which is why in this article, we are going to help you by listing down some of the essential makeup precautions that you should remember before putting on any makeup.

Check the makeup’s composition

As we all know, prevention is better than cure; that is why if you do not want to have any kind of unwanted skin reaction, you should take a look at the main ingredients of the products you’re planning to use. Ingredients such as paraben preservatives and fragrances are often the ones that can cause irritation and flare-ups. Aside from this, we also suggest that you take a look at the list of chemical ingredients that are often used in cosmetics and find out if they are labeled as allergens for sensitive skin.

Try the tester first before you purchase

If you are planning to buy any cosmetic product, it is best if you first try its tester and wait to see if your skin will accept it or not. You can apply the tester on your wrist, neck, or face and find out if you would feel any irritation, itchiness, or redness. If these occur, then the product is not suitable for your sensitive skin. Always remember not to compromise your skin health over some makeup.

Remember to protect your skin from the sun

Whether you have sensitive skin or not, sunscreen is always an essential item for you to have. This is because exposure to excessive heat and harmful UV rays can lead to unwanted skin reactions such as irritation, burns, rashes, and even tanning. When buying sunscreen, make sure that they do not buy any product containing oxybenzone, octinoxate, and octocrylene because they can trigger skin reactions. It is best if you go with products that have active components such as zinc oxide and titanium oxide because they are much suitable for sensitive skin. Aside from this, we suggest that you go for a sunscreen that has SPF 30 or above because they work well in protecting your skin from harmful UV rays.

Always keep a simple makeup kit

Since you have a sensitive skin, you shouldn’t overload it with heavy makeup and different kinds of products. Keep in mind that moisturizers, gentle cleansers, and sunscreens are the holy grail in keeping your skin healthy and smooth. Aside from this, you can also try and use a mineral powder makeup because it does not contain any artificial dyes or preservatives. If you’re going to buy a foundation, it’s best to opt for the silicon-based one because they are perfect for sensitive skin.

Keep your skin moisturized

Having sensitive skin means that it is more prone to getting dry, which is why it is best if you moisturize your skin every day and night using a good quality moisturizer. This will help replenish the lost moisture that is taken away by wind or pollution. It is also best for you to use moisturizers with natural and organic ingredients such as aloe vera and coconut oil. Aside from this, we also suggest that you condition your scalp and hair using a good-quality conditioner to avoid any dandruff because the flakes from your scalp can also irritate your skin.

Keep your makeup kit and tools clean at all times – Germs and bacteria is the number one enemy of the people who have sensitive skin, which is why it is essential for you to clean your makeup brush and other tools habitually so that it cannot cause any unwanted skin reactions.


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