Makeup Tips for Sensitive Skin

For thousands of years, women and men have turned to makeup to enhance their natural beauty or make it more appealing. Today, the hype is about makeup for sensitive skin because this kind of makeup has less irritating ingredients added to the product. Because of the growing demand, skincare and cosmetic companies decided to expand their product line by introducing makeup and skincare thaw to work best on sensitive skin. If you notice that your skin is always getting irritated by the makeup that you use, you might have a sensitivity to certain ingredients. That is why if you have sensitive skin, it’s your lucky day because we are here to give you some good makeup tips for your sensitive and delicate skin. 

Prep your skin before you put on makeup

If you have sensitive skin, you need to remember that you have to moisturize your skin very well. Moisturizing goes beyond just putting some hydrator on your skin. You should also try and spray some thermal water on your face to help soothe and heal irritated skin quickly. After this step, put on some gentle moisturizer all over your face. 

Organic and mineral makeup is not always the perfect choice

While most of us think that beauty products labeled as “all organic and natural” can automatically heal sensitive skin, then you’re wrong. Before purchasing mineral and organic makeup, make sure that you take a good look at its ingredients; this is because if the product contains perfume along with five more other preservatives, it is not safe to use anymore. 

Highly pigmented makeup can be a culprit and trigger unwanted reactions

Eyeshadows contain lots of pigments which in turn can trigger more allergies. Neutral tones such as bronze and beige rarely trigger any terrible reactions. This is because greens, blues, and purples contain many pigments and preservatives, which can start allergic reactions.

Try to use BB Cream instead of foundation

As we mentioned, pigments can be the cause of your skin dryness, which is why we suggest that you replace your foundation with a BB cream because it contains fewer pigments. If you cannot avoid using powder foundation on your face, make sure that you use it thriftily because it can absorb some of your skin’s protective oils. Remember to tap any excess foundation powder to be sure you’re using the product’s recommended amount. 

Be mindful of your tools and always keep them clean

We suggest that you use makeup sponges to put on makeup so that you will be able to maximize its coverage. Always keep your makeup brushes and sponges clean at least once a week to avoid any possible irritation. Keep in mind that you should always be gentle with your makeup tools when putting on makeup. Excessive wiping and rubbing can further irritate your skin. Another tip is choosing latex-free makeup tools because they are cleaner, and the number of bacteria that sticks to it is way less than the conventional makeup. 

Do not forget to remove your makeup at night

With great skin comes great responsibility. If you’re wearing makeup the entire day, do not forget to remove it before you go to bed. This may be a big task to remember, but this can make a big difference when it comes to your skin’s clarity. If you do not wash away the makeup on your face, the bacteria that is stuck in your concealer, foundation, and other makeup products will easily seep into your skin and cause chaos, also known as breakouts. Remember that your skin also needs to breathe, and the best time to allow is every night just before you go to bed. 

Pay attention to the expiration dates of our makeups

Make sure that you replace the makeup product that you’re using as soon as it expires. We know that it’s hard to let go of some of them, especially if they cost a lot of money, but it has to be done. 

Opt for multitasking makeup products

If you have sensitive skin, less is more. That is why we suggest that you use multitasking products to have a more minimal routine and use lesser products. For example, some blush available in the market can also be used as an eye shadow. And it is entirely okay if you apply concealer only when it is needed.


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