Style Guide to Mega High Heels and Super High Heels

High heels are more than just a type of shoe; they represent the pinnacle of femininity and stunning fashion. There’s an undeniable allure to the sensations associated with heels. They are beautiful to look at and benefit your legs and height.

High heels are still a staple of the shoe industry. However, navigating the seemingly unending options of mega and super high heels can be difficult for those unfamiliar with shoe terminology.

Let’s all learn about the different high-heeled shoes and enjoy these lovely pairs!

Choosing Super High and Mega High Heels

It’s helpful to know what heel structure you’re looking for when shopping for the perfect pair of heels. Understanding heel anatomy is unquestionably important whether you choose beginner-friendly wedges, soaring stilettos, or something in between.

Heels can strictly adhere to these broad classifications or mix styles for an out-of-the-box heel structure. However, familiarizing yourself with the options listed below is a good starting point before scrolling through endless shoe options.

Heel Height

How tall do you want your super-high heels to be? This may be one of the most important deciding factors, as the height of your heels can make or break your level of style satisfaction and comfort.

Your high heels should be as comfortable as they are fashionable. For example, if you’ll be running around a conference for 12 hours, you might not want to wear high stilettos. You might not want to wear kitten heels if you’re heading to the clubs with your girlfriends.

Among the most important determining factors is the ability to walk in heels. Tripping or falling over your feet in your shoes is one of the worst fashion faux pas, so consider it when making your selection.

4-inch Heels


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Wedges, platforms, and other chunky heel styles are especially popular in this category, as they provide height while also providing some stability. If you’re feeling daring and confident in your ability, you can easily locate a killer pair of 4-inch stilettos out there.

5-inch Heels and Above

This heel height is for you if you’re a pro who can balance on a pencil. Even 5-inch wedges are difficult to walk in, not to mention the difficulty of towering stilettos. If you’re going to wear a fantastical high heel, ensure you’re a balancing pro—and that you won’t be standing around much during the night.


Stilettos were only popular a few decades ago, but they’ve become the epitome of stylish and sexy. These heels can reach up to 8 inches, creating a stunning leg-lengthening effect.

Stilettos frequently have a platform. Platform shoes have a “lift” on the front of the shoe, which means the shoe’s sole is thicker in the front. This reduces the height difference between the back and front of the foot, making normal walking easier (rather than on your tip-toes).

If you have difficulty moving in high heels, platform stilettos are a more comfortable shoe that still has the sultriness and elegance of a stiletto.

Heel Style

What does the heel itself resemble? How fashionable is it, and how comfortable is it to walk on?


This is known as a stiletto heel but can be of any height. It’s the long, thin heel with the same width at the bottom and top.

Chunky Heels

This is a catch-all phrase for any shoe with a square, wide heel. Because the heel is thicker than in stilettos, chunky heels provide more stability than stilettos, so they’re ideal if you’re clumsier than the ordinary person.


a woman wearing blue denim jeans and wedge sandals making a kicking pose

Wedges connect from the front to the back at the sole. These shoes are increasingly made from unusual materials such as suede and cork. Wedges are commonly associated with the summer season, but they also look great in the fall.

Cone Heel

Cone heels resemble ice cream cones! They are wider at the sole of the foot and narrower towards the floor or base. These are becoming a more popular design choice, particularly for modern shoes with distinctive toplines or cut-outs.


This refers to the appearance of the shoe’s top. In other words, what do the shoes look like when you glance down? Are they open or shut? Trendy or classic?


The sandal high heels are what you’re expecting: They look like sandals but have a heel on the back. This indicates that the top of the shoe is open, and most of the foot is visible (including the toes).

Wedge sandals are popular in the summer and spring, whereas stiletto sandals are a more elegant or formal footwear option.

Peep Toes

Peep toe shoes come in various sizes and shapes. This term refers to any shoe with a “peep” of the toe, usually displaying only the first two or three toes. This is an excellent way to show off your pedicure without exposing the entire foot, as you would with a sandal.

It also gives your heel a fancy and timeless appearance. On the other hand, peep toes are uncomfortably close to the toes for some women. If you’re not a heel “pro,” you might want to avoid peep toes for the time being.

Mule Heels

A “mule” heel is a shoe topline that rises high above the top of the foot. It covers a portion of (or the whole) the top of the foot. These are popular fall options because they’re easy to walk in and provide extra warmth as the weather begins to cool—but they’re still super stunning and stylish!

Corset Heels

Corset heels connect both sides. They get their name after their resemblance with a traditional corset heading up the middle of your shoe. These heels are typically ankle booties or mule styles.


Cut-out shoes are trendy and fun, and the “hot” cut-out look changes with the seasons. These are typically mule heels with patterns cut out, giving the top of the shoe an embellished and intricate appearance. Cut-out heels are a fantastic way to dress up an otherwise plain outfit.

Fashion tip: To keep it elegant yet stylish, pair your little black dress with funky, colorful cut-outs!


Espadrille heels are becoming more popular, and we’re seeing many more of them on the runway! Espadrilles are any shoes with a fabric top, making them more casual and comfortable. They can be wedges or heels, and regardless of heel type, they have an “everyday” vibe.


Some heels have a basic “counter,” which means that the toe box and heel of the shoe are created from the same piece of material. These are the most “traditional” high heels you’ll come across. Strappy shoes are also becoming increasingly popular.

Ankle Straps

a woman in a polka dot dress and red high heel shoes holding a red purse

These heels have a strap that goes all the way around the ankle. Not only are these stylish, but they also render the heel more secure (making you less likely to roll your ankle).

The strap wraps around the entire circumference of the ankle. This “breaks” up the look of the leg and foot, giving the impression of dainty ankles and longer legs. As a result, ankle strap heels are an attractive option for wearing with dresses or skirts.

Sling Backs

Whereas ankle straps go around the full ankle, sling backs only go around the Achilles heel. This “half strap” look around the heel, rather than the ankle, is a starkly elegant style ideal for more formal occasions.

Mega and Super High Heels: How to Wear Them

There are numerous ways to style your favorite pair of high heels, but here’s a good place to start:

Styling Stilettos

Do you know how to rock high heels like a pro? Stilettos will take your heel game to the next level! Stilettos have thin high heels and are extremely seductive. A pair of stiletto heels is ideal for finishing off your glamorous looks or adding a feminine touch to your work outfits.

Wear them with long or short dresses for a super feminine and sexy look. Your silhouette will naturally thank you for looking stunning.

Even the toughest girls can pull off a pair of stilettos. Consider an all-black ensemble that includes fashionable patent pants, a leather jacket, and sexy stilettos. Doesn’t it make your look a little more exciting?

The Elegant Way to Wear Platform Heels


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Platform heels can be difficult to wear. These pumps can be unappealing when worn incorrectly. But we’re here to disprove you!

Platforms can be feminine and super classy when styled correctly. The key is keeping the rest of your outfit elegant. So, if you decide to wear platform heels, avoid wearing an outfit that exposes too much skin or a dress that is too short.

Want to add a rock chick vibe to your look? Then platform heels are an excellent choice for you as well! Platforms are the answer to making your outfit look sexy, super classy, and casual all at the same time when paired with an oversized nonchalant tee and cool mom jeans. And who wouldn’t want to go for a style mix like that?

Styling High Heeled Sandals

Many women adore super high-heeled sandals. They all have a fun, breezy vibe and are ideal for dressing up the casual, flowy summer outfits.

Summer outfits appear to be more casual and fun, but women still have fancy parties and office days where they need to look great and sophisticated. No need to worry; with a pair of high heels, you’ll be able to create stunning, classy summer looks in no time.

Are you going to a fantastic, passionate summer party? Your party look is complete when you pair your favorite classy summer dress with suede high heel sandals. Do you want to look great at a party? Then metallic high heel sandals are the way to go!

Putting Together the Perfect Party Look with Heels

No night out is complete without a pair of your sexiest heels. Of course, you can choose a great party dress from your wardrobe and pair it with a pair of platform heels, stiletto heels, or high-heeled sandals to complete your party look. But, for a change, why not try on a sexy jumpsuit or a fun playsuit?

A playsuit can be very sexy, especially when paired with sequin heels, metallic heels, or glitter heels. Wear a classy jumpsuit with classy stilettos or sexy platform heels to transform it into a killer party outfit. And believe us when we say that block or platform heels are comfy enough to keep you dancing all night.

Heel Wearing Tips

a woman wearing cute dress and high heels in front of an isolated pink background

Now that you’ve mastered the fundamentals of high heels, here’s how to make them work with any outfit.

The Toe Shape Is Everything

First and foremost, ensure that they are at ease. Above all, this entails paying close attention to the toe shape. Everyone has a preference based on their foot shape, whether round, pointy, almond, open, square, or peep-toe.

Begin by trying on heels in various shapes and styles to see what works best for you. Once you’ve determined which ones are the best fit for you, keep them in mind the next time you go shopping.

It’s All About the Small Print

Fortunately, there are numerous clever hacks for making various types of heels more comfortable to wear. Cushy insoles will come in handy for stilettos and other sky-high options, and you can also experiment with heel pads, slip guards, and toe protectors to get a more personalized fit (these additions help keep chafing and blisters at bay). If you are prone to pain and swelling when wearing heels, look for a foot spray laced with anti-inflammatory ingredients such as aloe and arnica.

Dress It Up

You can always style heels to your advantage. A pair of chunky platform sandals can be completely transformed by a cute pair of socks covered in colorful stripes or glittery tulle (with the bonus of making them much more comfortable).

Wear a fun pair of printed stockings or tights when it gets cooler outside. When summer returns, play with your accessories by layering pretty golden anklets above your heeled espadrilles or stilettos. Here’s a guide to wearing ankle bracelets that can help!


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