Tips for Choosing a Swimsuit with a Skirt

Swimsuits are common attire for beach or pool outings. While there are a lot of pretty and stylish swimsuits available, pairing a swimsuit with a skirt is another idea that will surely make your get-up fantastic and dazzling. This article is the perfect article to help you experiment with wearing a skirt with your swimsuit. 

Types of Swimsuits

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Boyleg Swimsuits

Also called leg suits, boyleg swimsuits are a type of swimsuit with shorts (can come in long, standard, and short lengths) that give a sporty look and a feeling of support. They have bust support in the form of a shelf bra, which is ideal for aqua sports. 

Longer Length Swimsuits

Longer-length swimsuits are just about 3. 5 centimeters longer than standard swimsuits. They are the best choice if you feel like your swimsuit is pulling down on the shoulders and low on the chest.  

Standard Length One-piece Swimsuit

The most common type of swimsuit is the one-piece swimsuit with the standard length. It is also called a full-piece bathing suit because it offers different back styles and body-shaping features. 

Tummy Control Swimwear

A swimsuit for people with larger figures that slims and supports the tummy area.


A swimsuit comprising a tank top and a bikini bottom. They may be at the waist or longer, depending on the particular style. A tankini top with a high-waisted bottom generates the look of a one-piece suit with the comfort of a bikini. 


A type of swimsuit that exposes the midriff with its crop style top and pant. A bikini falls under this category. 

Swimsuit Styles


Asymmetric: A high fashion look of a bikini top or one-piece strap over one shoulder while the other shoulder is bare.

Bandeau: A strapless one-piece or bikini top shows bare shoulders to avoid tan lines. They are best suited for women with bigger breast sizes.

Bandini: This swimsuit style is like a bandeau top that is bare on the shoulders.

Bustier: A swim top whose primary purpose is to push up the bust. It does it by narrowing against the upper midriff and forcing the breasts up, while gently shaping the waist. 

Bra Top: A swimsuit top that’s constructed like a bra with shoulder straps. 

Chevron: An inverted v-shaped pattern that has a great slimming effect around the tummy. 

Contoured Top: A swim top that has cup layers which creates a rounded cup shape to fit the body like a second skin. 

Control Top: A one-piece or tankini swimsuit that combines power lining and special constriction to make the wearer look slender and sexy. They are used to even out troubled areas like the side and stomach. 

Cross-Back One-Piece: A one-piece with crisscross back straps for a sexy look. It offers functionality as it cinches the waistline of the suit. 

Cutout One-Piece: Sometimes called a monokini, cutout one-piece is open on the sides as if they were “cut out”. They have minimal fabric or connectivity between the top and bottom of the suit. 

Fauxkini: A swimsuit that looks like a two-piece tankini but is a one-piece bathing suit. 

Blouson: Perfect for covering extra tummy. It is a swimsuit that is drawn fitted at the waist, causing it to blouse out and hang over the girdle. 

Halter Top: A swimwear top that is tied behind the neck. 

Keyhole: A suit with a rounded cut out of fabric. The keyhole may be at the neckline, revealing skin between the breasts, on the stomach, or revealing a sexy and bare back. 

Microkini: A scanty bikini that keeps the wearer both decent and nude at the same time.

Mitered One-Piece:A one-piece suit with stripes sewn into a “V” design that slims and compliments the body by tricking the eye. 

Plunging Neckline: A one-piece swimsuit or tankini with a deep V cut revealing the cleavage. 

Reversible: A bathing suit that can be worn either way. Each side has different patterns or colors. 

Scoop Neck: A swim piece with a deeply rounded, wide neckline.

Spaghetti: A top with a thin fabric string used for swimwear. 

Sweetheart Top: A top that is like the top of a heart. 

Tank One-Piece: Also referred to as the “Maillot.” It is a one-piece suit that has shoulder straps similar to those on a tank top. 

Triangle Top: A bikini top tied behind the neck and back with spaghetti strings, with cups in the basic shape of a triangle. 


Banded Bottoms: A bikini bottom with moderate back coverage. It has a wider fabric-covered elastic band for a flat, sleek look. 

Boy Shorts: Also known as “hot pants.” They are swimwear bottoms that provide full coverage with a lower leg cut. 

Brazilian: A swimwear with a thong-like bottom that covers the least amount of butt. 

Full Bottom: A bikini bottom with additional coverage at the low hip. 

High-Waist Bottom: Made with a waistline just below or above the belly buttons. It looks like a very vintage style.

Hipster Bottom: A two-piece swimsuit bottom intended to sit low on the hips. 

Moderate Bottom: A bikini bottom that does not have too much or too little coverage. 

Scoop Bottom: A bikini or maillot bottom with moderate coverage designed to have a bundled waistline and a slightly higher leg line. This bottom helps emphasize the body’s curves.

Scuba Bottom: Also known as a surf bottom with a low-rise bikini bottom and an accentuating belt. 

Side-Tie Bottom: A bikini bottom that provides moderate coverage. It is bare on the hips except for variants having spaghetti ties or sash ties. 

Swim Shorts: A bikini bottom that is longer compared to hot shorts. They have a fold-down waistband for comfort.  

Why pair a swimsuit with a skirt?

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Wearing a skirt is a great way to cover up any bum issues such as cellulite, droopy or saggy bum. It is a modest way to provide more bum coverage when bending and especially when you want to be active on the beach or pool. 

How to Style a Swimsuit with a Skirt

After knowing the different swimsuits and the styles that swimsuits usually come up with, your choice of swimsuit must have been narrowed down. However, if you are a fan of skirts, this next part of the article will help you decide on how to choose a swimsuit paired with a skirt. Here are some tips: 

1. First, is to look for the type of swimsuit you wanted to wear. If you decide on wearing a one-piece swimsuit, then you can decide on a skirt that does not need to cover much of your waist. A skirt with ruffles on them would be a perfect match for a one-piece swimsuit. On one note, if you decide to wear a bikini, then you can choose a skirt that might be a little high-waisted to cover your midriff or a skirt that goes down below the waist to show them.

2. Convertible skirt or dress. If you want a double-purpose, stretchy, swimwear cover-up that is mostly one size fit, a convertible skirt or dress would be a great choice. Convertible skirts can be worn as a dress or dragged down to the hips and worn as a skirt. You can experiment and match them with the different tops mentioned above.

3. Skirted Bottom. If you plan to wear a top and wanted to pair it with a skirt but think it would be a hassle to wear both a bottom and a skirt, then a bikini bottom with an attached skirt is for you.

4. Swim Skirts. Swim skirts are the bottom of a bikini in the design of a skirt. Variants of these skirts have built-in anti-ultraviolet pants. They will also perfectly match with any top mentioned above.

5. Swim Dress. A swim dress would also make a picture-perfect swimsuit and skirt-like pair. It is a one-piece bathing suit that is made of a short dress. Swim dresses are great swimwear for women with big thighs.

6. Ensure that your skirt is in proportion and balanced with your top. Most skirts worn on the beach or pool are not too short that they are almost useless in covering the bum and the bikini; nor too long that you almost look like an old lady. However, there are stylistic skirts that you can find although long, nevertheless, match your top. The best kind of long skirts paired with tops are those with slits or are see-through. It is also imperative to balance and match the right top with your skirt. 

7. Keep your skirt tight. Just like how a bikini and any other bottom should work, a skirt must fit your waist to avoid it from coming off. 

8. Add a fringe or extra length of fabric to the swimsuit. If you want to go slightly modest and nude, adding a fringe can do the job since they are vertical pieces of fabric that can cover your body. They can be added to a skirt’s bottom. 

9. Experiment with a sarong as a cover-up skirt. Sarong is a piece of swimwear fabric sewn in a curved shape to tie comfortably around the hips for an instant coverup. 

10. Pair a boyleg swimsuit with a swim skirt or any boy short style of bottom with a skirt and a crop top. Some women look sexier in boyleg swimsuits or boy short bottoms than in regular bikinis. Mix and match different bikini or tankini tops with boy shorts/boyleg swimsuits and swim skirts. 

Final Thoughts

Wearing a skirt as swimwear on a beach or a pool is a unique style. Experimenting with such style is a fun way of enhancing your swimsuit or top. It might surprise you that a skirt is a great way to not just cover what you want to cover but also allows you to move freely without hesitations and worry about your bikini going into a disaster. 


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