Tips for looking slimmer at the beach

Looking slimmer, especially for a beach outing, is an ultimate body goal. Most women aim to look perfectly slim in every photo that they can post on their social media page while enjoying the beach. Achieving a slim look is not that difficult to attain: after all, this page is here to give you tips on how to look slimmer at the beach. 

1. Determine your body type before deciding on a swimwear 

Plus size women posing for body acceptance

Each body type is different; and no matter how fetching a swimsuit is, if it does not match your body type, then you will look like a disaster. Choosing the right swimsuit or bikini to use on the beach is determined by identifying first your body shape. Here are some suggested swimwear for different body types:

For an hourglass shape: If you have a figure with a defined waist and nearly equal bust and hip measurements, a bikini is most likely the best swimwear for you. Wearing a bikini draws attention to your curves and displays your slim middle section. For a one-piece, look for a top with thin straps and a sweetheart neckline. 

For a triangle shape: A bandeau (a garment comprising a strip of cloth that wraps around a woman’s breasts) is appropriate for a triangle shape: if you have a larger hip and thigh measurement and a smaller bust. A bandeau and a pair of boy shorts will help in showing off a toned upper body and minimize attention to your lower half. When choosing a one-piece, look for a strapless top that matches down to the bottom with more coverage. 

For an inverted triangle shape: Characterized by a broad shoulder and a larger bust with a small hip. If you belong to an inverted triangle figure; the best swimwear for you would be a traditional bikini or Brazilian bottoms. You can choose a top that provides plenty of support in the style of a halter or strong underwire, as it will support your bust and make it look more streamlined and thinner. The same goes when looking for both a one-piece or two-piece swimsuit. The definitive goal is to look for support at the top and less coverage at the bottom.

For an apple shape: Apple shape figures are characterized by broad shoulders with thicker waist areas. The best kind of swimwear would be an asymmetrical neckline or a swimsuit held up by a single, angling shoulder strap. A single, angling strap paired with a traditional or boy short bottom would make the waist look slimmer by drawing the eye upwards. The same advice for choosing a single strap also goes for a one-piece and two-piece suit. 

For a rectangular shape: A rectangular figure refers to a body type with nearly equal bust and hip measurements with less defined waists. Suggested suits for this figure are those with embellishments such as ruffles, ribbons, or other attention-grabbing items on the top and bottom. When choosing a one-piece, go with a suit that includes a belt for your waist or cut-outs in the middle area. 

 2. Go for dark colors

Young african plus size woman posing in black one piece swimwear, standing over light grey studio background

Dark shades have a slimming and figure-flattering effect. Black and navy-blue types with darker panels, or cut-outs, are perfect for creating a curvier or slimmer figure. 

3. Consider swimsuits with flattering lines, ruffles, and color blocking

fashionable woman posing in retro striped swimwear and summer hat near the sea

Embellishments such as ruffles and ribbons stress a feature in your body and make it look bigger. Choosing a swimsuit with such styles will help you in looking slimmer as the eye focuses more on the feature being highlighted. Similarly, color blocking or flattering lines creates an illusion of an hourglass figure, such as a thin vertical line which helps you look taller and slimmer. Avoid wide horizontal lines (they make your torso look wider) and wide vertical lines (as they will make your suit look like an athletic jersey).

4. Wear a Wrap

Smiling pretty blonde in bikini looking at camera

Get into a stylish dark or light cover-up and tie it around the waist in a loose knot. A stylish cover-up or a sheer cover-up that resembles a beach dress gives an appearance of a casual yet sexy style and is far more slimming compared to a beach towel wrapped around the waist. A sarong would make a stylish cover-up on the bottom. 

5. Look for small patterns and prints

Small prints and patterns create the look of a slimming and streamlined figure. Examples of smaller prints are polka dots. 

6. Opt for suits with inbound shapewear

If you effortlessly want your figure to have a shape, look for swimsuits that contain extra inner liner that streamlines the silhouette. Aside from helping your shape look slim, they are also a good option if you have an active day on the beach. 

7. Crumple Fabric may do the magic

Tropical print one piece female swimsuit

Ruching or fabric that curls especially in the middle torso of the suit creates a slimming figure. 

8. Wear a hat

Carefree stylish woman enjoying summer

Wearing a hat that is appropriate to your swimwear can work wonders, as they let onlookers focus more upward than on your body. Another trick that you can do is to put your hair in a bun while wearing a hat or when not wearing one. Putting your hair in a bun highlights your neck, which helps you look slimmer. 

9. Stand up straight

Most of the time, your shape is determined by your posture. A bad posture makes you look older and unconfident. So, make sure that when you are walking in a swimsuit, keep your shoulders back and your head held high. When sitting down, pull your knees toward your chest to create an illusion of a slimmer stomach and trimmer thighs. 

10. Get in shape

The last tip you can do is to exercise and get in shape, especially when your beach outing is near. That’s not always possible quickly but if you now beach season is coming, perhaps that will provide some extra motivation. 

Final Thoughts

Looking slimmer on beach outings is achievable. The technique is to know exactly what swimwear will make you look slimmer, combined with enough exercise to not only look but also feel slimmer. But just a reminder, each body shape is to be celebrated: no matter what shape and size you are, the ultimate tip is to feel confident about yourself. 


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