Tips for Picking a Swimsuit for an Active Day at the Pool or Beach

Going to the beach or the pool means enjoying the water and creating good and fun memories. Aside from swimming, other activities might come up later on, especially when you are with your friends or family. The bottom line is: knowing that your beach or pool day might be busy and active, your swimsuit choice is a top concern since it will determine how much movement will you be able to do without worrying about swimsuit malfunction and private parts being shown.

What does an active day at the pool or beach mean?

An active day in the pool or at the beach means not only swimming, or lying on the sand under the heat of the sun to get a tan. Here are some activities that will surely keep you moving, and while reading them, picture the swimsuit suitable for the said activities:

Standup Paddle Boarding: Also referred to as SUP, is a water sport activity that involves standing up on a board and using a paddle to move your way through the water. You surely do not want to try paddle boarding while also trying to make sure your bikini or one-piece swimsuit is still intact, as it will spoil all the fun and you might end up in the water paddling with your arms instead on the board. 

Beautiful surfer girl on surfboard. Woman in ocean during surfing. Surfer and barrel wave

Surfing or body surfing: Another activity that can enhance your beach experience. Surfing is done by riding the waves while standing or lying on a surfboard. If you are a first-time surfer, choose a swimsuit that is a secure fit for your body because there is always the possibility of falling into the water. 

Swimming laps: Swimming laps are an activity that you can enjoy, especially in the pool. This can be done by swimming from one end to another. The swimming pool will serve as the racetrack for you to swim to complete a lap. You can make it a competitive race between your friends or with yourself to track your swimming skills. Lap swimsuits are designed for such an activity. 

Beach volleyball

Beach and pool games: Beach or pool games are other activities to make your daily activity. Common games played on the beach involve volleyball, frisbee, seashell hunt, tug of war, and many others. Swimming pool games can also include volleyball, where players need to stay inside the pool while passing the ball to each team. Other games in a pool include pool tag, water tug of war, scavenger dive, and many others.  

Tips for picking a swimsuit on an active day at the pool or beach

Now that you have read about some activities that you might do while on the beach or pool, consider the following tips for you to make your active day in the pool/beach fun and easy-going:  

Select a swimwear style suitable for the activity: Think about how many activities will you be involved in, how much sun exposure you will face, and how much ducking under the waves you have to do. Considering these factors will help you pick a swimsuit easier. For example, consider a swimsuit with long sleeves, or with fabric that has ultraviolet protection when going into a long sun exposure. If you will need to duck under waves, you might want to consider a one-piece swimsuit with a racerback or thick crisscross straps for a secure suit. 

Specifically, use a:

One-piece when: 

  • Engaging in activities with a lot of movements such as beach volleyball, bodysurfing, lap swimming, and others activities
  • You want more coverage on your midriff
  • You need more protection from the sun
  • You have larger busts and would be needing a swimwear for support
  • You need reduced drag and friction in the water
  • You are worried about wardrobe malfunction

Two-piece when: 

  • Trying to get a full body tan
  • Want to show off more skin
  • You won’t be moving too much
  • You want more freedom for mixing and matching swimwear
  • You want a cooler and less heavy feeling

Decide How Much Exposure or Coverage You Need and Where You Want It

There are different styles of swimsuits: others cover the whole part of your midriff while some expose them, others only cover the bikini areas while other bottoms make sure that they cover up to your legs. While bikini or two-piece swimsuits are a lot more daring than one-piece swimsuits, some of them are made for activities on the beach. It is entirely up to you how much skin you cover or expose as long as they allow you to move freely and without restriction. If you plan to spend the day at the beach sunbathing and snorkeling, for example, you might select a rashguard and board shorts you can pull over a sporty bikini when you’re ready to limit your sun exposure.

Decide the Fabric and Design Features you Want

Some swimsuits have removable cups that you can substitute with dry ones if you decide to get out of the water. Other features include quick-drying fabrics that make it easy to go from playing in the water to lounging poolside. There are also zipped board-short pockets for holding essentials while you’re out on your paddle board.

Choose a Swimsuit You are Most Comfortable With

Overall, find a swimsuit that does not make you anxious. A swimsuit will give you more time to focus on your water activity and less time to adjust your bottoms or make sure your top stays put. The best way to pick a swimsuit for you is to try them and move around in it to find a good fit. 

Types of Swimsuits Suitable for an Active Day on the Beach or Pool

For Women

Swimmer warming up, stretching by the pool

One-piece Swimsuits

One-piece swimsuits are the most reliable type of swimsuit for any activity in the water since they are a single piece of material that covers the breasts and bottom part of the body. Active-style one-pieces stay in place better compared to two-piece swimsuits. They are most reliable for activities that let you fall or dive in water or waves such as diving, body surfing, or standup paddle boarding. For a lap or competitive swimming, one-piece that are snug-fitting, cross-back streamlined suits are a great choice for minimal fuss and drag in the water. 

Tanned Woman in White Bikini on the Summer Beach

Two-piece Swimsuits

Although we mentioned above that two-piece swimsuits are less reliable than one-piece, that does not mean that two-piece swimsuits do not have advantages.

Two-piece swimsuits with separate swim tops and bottoms can be customized according to your watersport and body type. Customized two-pieces designed for watersports can also be a good choice for an active day on the beach or pool as they stay in place even when you move around. They are also more convenient for bathroom breaks. 

Boyleg/Boyshort Swimsuits

Boyleg swimsuits are also a good option in terms of coverage. They are one-piece swimsuits wherein the bottom part is not bikini style but shorts. They give a sporty look and support to the body. Meanwhile, boyshort is technically a short (2-inch inseam) designed for any water activity that can be paired with a top or a two-piece swimsuit. They can be taken off later when the wearer flaunts her two-piece swimsuit. 

Beach vacation, family leisure at sea

Swim skirts: Swim skirts function like bikinis, as they can also be used for swimming. At the same time, they are a good option for body coverage when taking part in water activities while looking sexy and unique at the same time. 

For Men

Board Shorts

Boards shorts drop well below the knee to help protect thighs from rubbing against surfboards or paddle boards. Each short variants vary in length.


Jammers are snug-fitting shorts that hug thighs and bottom. They are excellent for lap or competitive swimming because of minimal drag.

Swim Trunks

Swim trunks are casual swim shorts or trunks that range from short to above the knee. Generally, they are composed of drawstrings, snaps, or elastic waistbands; some come with a mesh inner brief or lining for extra support. 

Man in Swimwear

Swim Briefs

They are brief-shaped swimsuits, and are form-fitting, usually worn for performance sports such as lap swimming and water polo. 

Swim Leggings

Swim leggings are also popular swimwear for women. These are long swim bottoms, also called swim tights. They give maximum sun protection from the waist down to the shin or ankles. They are a great choice for paddle boarding, surfing, snorkeling, or other sports where you’ll spend long hours in the sun and water and do not have the chance to reapply sunscreen. Some fabrics are designed to keep the body warmer in chilly waters. 

family at vacation


Rashguards are lightweight, stretchy, and can be loose- or form-fitting. They are popular shirts that protect from the sun and chafing. They also shield you from damaging UV rays during long hours of surfing, paddling, snorkeling, or swimming. 

Final Thoughts

Planning an active day at the pool also includes planning a swimsuit to wear. Having the right swimwear makes you move easier and more freely. You get to enjoy every second of the day, and you can do it by following the guides given in this article or maybe experimenting with your swimsuit that will suit your style and comfort. 


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